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Was wondering what advice more experienced mom's would give to us newbies about baby skin care and care in general in the summer time. I live in Nebraska which gets really hot in the summer time.


Karissa - posted on 04/02/2011




I also live in NE and summer can be a scary time for new moms. They have some really good baby sunblock and even if it says that it cant be used on little babies ask your pediatrician because most of them are perfectly safe. Another thing that they have come out with are stickers that you put on your baby and they fade as they are exposed to the sun and they indicate when it is time to re apply sunblock. Also be sure that you are not out side too long because babies become dehydrated much quicker than we do. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message.

Stephanie - posted on 04/02/2011




My daughter was born Aug. 1st '09 so I was pretty nervous about dealing with the heat and sun. Unfortunately all of the baby sunblocks (the ones up here anyway) say they can't be used for babies under 3 months so that wasn't an option for me either. Make sure you have a hat for bub with a nice big brim but it has to be light enough too that it doesn't trap all the heat in. Try not to spend long periods outside and definately avoid direct sunlight if you can. Use the sun shade on the stroller and just be sure to dress your baby lightly. I always put mine in t-shirts rather than anything with thin straps (until I could start using sunblock on her) because I was afraid her shoulders would burn. I also started using sunglasses on her very early on. Moisturize her skin when you get home because they dry out very easily and always have water handy if baby is using a bottle to rehydrate if you are out a little longer.

Juliana - posted on 04/02/2011




They have sunscreen for babies. I love the ones that are colored so you can see if you missed a spot. Hats are a must and dress your baby the same as you are dressed. Dont over dress them, if you think its hot and want to be in shorts and a tank top, then its ok for baby to be in shorts also.

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