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Timmi - posted on 03/27/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




When is a good time to start taking a child to a movie. My daughter is almost 3, but I still think she is too young to sit through the whole thing. What about everyone else.

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Monica - posted on 03/27/2009




I made the mistake of taking my first daughter to a movie (Finding Nemo) when she was about three. Huge mistake. She got bored after about a half an hour, and wanted to run up and down the aisles. I could tell people were annoyed. I have another daughter now who is four- and I haven't been willing to try taking her to the theaters. Does your daughter sit still for an entire movie at home? If not- then I wouldn't try making her sit through a full-length feature in the theater. You're just gonna waste money, piss people off, and get frustrated yourself. When I see movies advertised that would be good for the kids, I wait until they are able to rent, and we make our own movie nights at home. Much more relaxing.

Good luck, with whatever you decide to do!!

Jocelyn - posted on 03/27/2009




where i am, the movie theatre has a "stars and strollers" viewing once a week.  the volume is lower, there are more lights on and you can bring your strollers in.  i haven't took my son in a logn time since he won't sit still anymore (for anything!) but it might be worth it to see if there is some sort of group in your area that does it.  that way if you go, and half to leave 20 min in, or she starts crying or something, it's just other moms and dads in there, most likely in the same boat as you.  i've heard of some groups out there who organize a movie and go all out; provide gift bags and free popcorn etc.  our group's not that lucky lol.

Tiffany - posted on 03/27/2009




Our daughter will be 4 in a week and we took her to her first movie(Kung Fu Panda) at the dollar theatres about 6 months ago. We tested her out at the dollar theatres so that if we had to leave we wouldn't be out of too much money..lol. She did great & really enjoyed the movie, I'm sure the popcorn helped. :) We have taken her once more since then to see Wall-e and again she did great. I say give it a try & if she starts to act up walk her out to the lobby for a few minutes and then take her back in..if she still can't handle it go on home and wait a while before you try again. At least at kids movies people are more forgiving when children get antsy.

I  slightly disagree with the other moms about gauging it by if they can sit through a movie at home. When they are at home they know they can get up & go play somewhere else or do anything else in general. There aren't so many things to distract them in the movie theatre, once you get past the lobby & arcade anyways.

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Personally, I was thinking that around 4 would be a good age.  However, this somewhat depends on the child.  I know some 4 year olds who can't sit still through a movie, and some 3 year olds who can.  I agree with Liana about them sitting still to watch a film at home.  If they get distracted watching a movie at home, they'll probably get distracted watching one in a theater and be disruptive, which isn't fun for you or the people around you. 

Megan - posted on 03/27/2009




I took my 2 little cousins to a movie once. One was 4 and the other was 2. I think that as long as the movie is a cartoon kid movie, it's okay. We went to see Horton Hears A Who and they both loved it. They both sat really still and just stared at the screen. The only time the 2 year old got antsy was when the movie first started because when we walked in, we passed the arcade and she saw all the games, so she wanted to play, but as soon as the movie started she was entertained by that.

Veronica - posted on 03/27/2009




We took our daughter for the first time at 6mos.  She was a little noisy at some parts but we just got up and stood in the aisle by the door so we wouldnt disturb others or miss the movie.  We also had a bottle handy and she was calm in no time.  Just make sure if the movie is not a kids movie that it wont scare her, I noticed that at one very loud preview my daughter did start crying for a minute.

Liana - posted on 03/27/2009




We tried to take our 2 boys when the oldest was 4 1/2 and the youngest was 3 though the oldest really enjoyed it my other half wound up leaving after 20mins with the youngest who just couldn't sit still. It depends on your child if they will sit through a film at home without getting distracted then they will do it while they are out.

Christine - posted on 03/27/2009




I think it depends on the child. If she can be quiet, sit still, (so that she is not disturbing other people) and enjoy the movie take her! If you have to leave during the middle of the movie, then leave- you won't know until you try. She may enjoy it, she may not. Try going to a matinee that way the charge to get in is less and most likely other parents will be there with their children. If she can't handle it, don't feel embarrassed leaving she is only 3.

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