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Alanna - posted on 09/02/2009




Hi there, I love this topic!!! Well the first tattoo I got is a pink lily for my grandma, her name was Lillian and her favorite flower was the lily.

The next tattoo I got is a pink foot print for my daughter and a blue one for my son. My daughter wrote her name and I got it tattooed near the pink one, and once my son is old enough to write I will get his name near the blue one. I am pregnant again with my third baby, who seems to be a boy (as far as we can see!) and I will get his name near the blue one as well :)

I am trying to come up with more ideas on how to represent my family members and things like that. I LOVE tattooes that have deep meanings!! I also love reading about other peoples tattoos and tattoo ideas!

[deleted account]

I want to get a design that looks like a heart. One side will be a purple color and one will be a pink color. I don't want the heart to be connected, more like two swirly kind of designs to form a heart. We did everything pink with my oldest and purple with my little one, even their rooms are these colors! Then I'll get it put on my right side of my belly because that is where they lived for 9 months. But I wanna be skinny first...hehe!

Katarina - posted on 09/02/2009




I'm getting the Celtic Knot for Motherhood. It's a few intertwined hearts(thats what they look like anyways) and for each child you add a circle on the inside of the Knot. This way as I have more kids I can just add to the same tattoo.

Mrs. - posted on 09/02/2009




i havent gotten my sons name tattoed on me i wanted his name and a monkey cuz that his theme and all but i dont know if i want his full name or nickame or if i should think of something else 2 get 2 represent him. i know plenty of people have their childrens name on their foot or they have their footprints but i want something different and meaningful. he was born july 19th a month after my 22nd b day any suggestions?

Megan - posted on 09/02/2009




I am getting a Mother goose with her wings covering two babies with my son's name and birthday under one baby and then my daughters name and birthday under the other so it looks like i will protect them for ever ... and then i am getting there zodiacs because i already have mine and my husbands so were gonna make it into a bigger piece of the 4 of us connected

Alishia - posted on 09/02/2009




I have 3 cherries on my right wrist for the 2 that I already have and the 1 I'm having very soon,,, I have a star that my husband and I got together. I won't put his name on me and he won't put my name on him so the star is for us and then I have my childhood nickname with in a vine on my leg... tatts are fun but they need to mean something or your not going to like them in a few years...

[deleted account]

All of my tattoos (I have 5 Large ones) are symbolic of my family and me. I have a celestial piece on my shoulder that is representative of my husband and me because we are complete opposites but we belong together. There is a custom star piece starting on my foot and going all the way to my knee made up of 26 stars representing me, my husband, my children, my siblings, their spouses, their children, and my parents. The flower and butterfly on the other foot and ankle I got to symbolize the transformation into a mother and the life I left behind. Then there is the biggest one of the all on my lower back - it is a large clover for luck because I was not supposed to be able to have children...2 butterflies that are the same but different colors cause my angels were born on the same day 1 year apart...and keltic knots tie all of this together cause keltic is 1 continuous line that is never-ending just like the love for my children. So I believe, no matter what the has to mean something to you. You would not see any of this by simply looking at my ink...if ya need any help...holla at me anytime

Tyleasha - posted on 09/02/2009




I really wanted to get my sons name in Egyptian Hierohlyphics but did not know where to go for someone to tell me what symbols his name would be.

But now I have 2 boys and I want whatever I get for them to be connected and entwined somehow with their names... but I dont know what thats going to be...

Jessica - posted on 09/02/2009




Thought about a little baby deer... My friend got her son's eyes but it needed more to it, so she added a small tribal band around it to look finished - much better!

Shelsea - posted on 09/02/2009




i am getting a sun and moon (to represent mommy and daddy) then get a star underneath with my sons initials, i love outer space and i am the only one my son lets sing 'You Are My Sunshine" too because i have sang that to him since he was born. plus when i have more kids its simple to add to! everyone gets foot prints and i dont know how many kids i will have... i cant imagine having foot prints all over me! haha

[deleted account]

thank you for all your input on tattoo ideas for moms! i think i am getting something small to start because it will be my first -- a star on my foot with the color of my sons birth stone

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