teeth suck!!!!

Kaylie - posted on 07/12/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




hey moms, i have 2 kids. i didnt have anyproblems with my first teething. but my son is 11mths and no teeth yet. iv been told its normal( so whatever) but he cant do pain. iv doped him up on drugs and baby orajel, carrots teethers...... he only gets 6oz of milk aday. he refuses to drink from abottle and his sippy cup is iffy. im lost. help. any tips or advice?

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Terrie - posted on 07/12/2010




my daughter is cutting her molars right now (she's 13 months) & she's destroyed all her soft tipped sippys... but anyway I'm giving my daughter popsicles... orajel doesn't work with her which is why I chose popsicles they taste yummy & soothe the pain...

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I was told not to use orajel as it numbs their sucking reflex. There is a natural teething reliever you can get at some health food stores and stores like bobebe. They also make mesh teethers that you fill with ice, and they chew or suck on...I found them at Walmart and Superstore.

Good luck :)

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