This is a stupid concern but my baby dunked his head under in a bath just for a second but i'm paranoid about him getting water in his lungs, (it's crazy i know but i'm a crazy mumma) is this even a concern or am i just being paranoid?


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Just wanted to mention that you shouldn't be putting enough water in the tub/sink/babytub what ever for the child to be able to submerge!!!!!!! They aren't old enough to play in the tub so why waste all the water!!! you are washing them, they aren't playing like a toddler would and even then they shouldn't have that much either.  A good rule of thumb is, if the baby is in the tub, the water should not go past behind it's ears or less......if you were to lay them down flat.

Colleen - posted on 02/12/2009




Thanks, i think i just neede to hear that it's normal and other kids do it and their fine.  he's 7 months and he's been swimming before but this was a mouthful.  i really am a crazy mumma, but aren't we  thanks.

Amy - posted on 02/12/2009




Look up the term dry drowning. This way you know the symptoms if something does happen. It does not happen all the time that children die from breathing in water. However it can happen. I would not freak out every time he went under the water. HOwever I would keep an eye out for signs and symptoms just n case. Here is the information I read to use for my own information.

Medical examiners determine that about 15 percent of drowning victims have experienced dry drowning. Whether it is a wet or dry drowning, death occurs due to lack of oxygen or cardiac arrest from a low body temperature. There are certain things that happen during dry drowning, which may be evident upon examination.

Dry drowning can take upwards of an hour before it does enough damage for the victim to pass on. Since it causes lack of oxygen to the brain your child will start to act "drunk". Last summer a 10 year old boy dies from dry drowning. He was in the pool with his family. They all walked home together. He came home and solid himself( which was the only sign he gave that he was dry drowning) His parents never heard of it before. He went to bed and never woke up. \

My son is one and has went under in the tub for a matter of 1 second at a time and I pull him right up. However they do not know better at this age not to breathe when they go under the water. This is why it can be inhaled into the lungs. Usually they will cough and choke sometimes up to 6 min after the incident. Anytime Avery has gone under I keep an eye on him and an hour afterwords. I do not let him go to bed ( just because I cannot monitor him fully when he is sleeping). I by no means freak out anytime it happens. However I am careful knowing how quick a dry drowning can happen. Children and adults can recover from a dry drowning if found out in time!

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when it comes to babies there is NEVER a stupid question!! ask away!! I'm sure he's long as he acting his usualy he will be alright:)

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Holly. - posted on 02/12/2009




I shouldnt worry My son did the same thing and he is fine! Sure he is is normal cheecky self! x

Kaja - posted on 02/12/2009




its not a stupid question, but dont worry my son did the same thing. Kids automatically know to hold their breath. Dont be alarmed, just make sure to watch them closely. I hope this helps:)

User - posted on 02/12/2009




Colleen, how old is the baby? He is probably OK, I had my little guy swimming at 3 mths. But if youa re truly concerned, call the nurse at your dr.'s office. They are very patient with "crazy mumma's" and you won't feel better until you do.

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