Three Month Old/Christmas Pictures...Where should we go? Sears V.S. walmart photostudio?

Michelle - posted on 11/30/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




Im looking to get my son's three month portrait and christmas card pictures taken. I really want somthing fairly inexpensive... i looked up both walmart and sears photo studio prices and they are the same. Any ideas as to which is better quality?

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Kristen - posted on 12/03/2010




I get mine on shutterfly. this year we took them ourself and I have 5 pics on the card and got 25 cards for only $16. Or you can get the pics done somewhere only oder 1 of each you like and scan them and order off shutterfly. It saves a ton

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walmart i would say. we got our daughters done at sears when she was 4 months, and they turned out great. but my sil went to walmart for my niece's pics when she was about 13 months and they turned out amazing. it probably depends on the person taking the pictures too though :)

Kimi - posted on 12/01/2010




I believe that Sears and Walmart use the same photo company so it somes down to the quality of the photographer. Make sure you tell them you want the best baby photographer. A good photographer can get you in and out without feeling rushed.
I used to work at Picture People, it's pricy there but I know for a fact that they always have some sort of promo if you go to their website plus there's no sitting fee. If you go with Sears you can hit up Sears and Picture People in one mall visit(if there's a Picture People in your mall that is). Absolutely make sure you get the best possible photographer as infant portraits can go terribly wrong and there's lot's of newbes durring the holidays that don't know what they are doing.

Amy - posted on 12/01/2010




Ha I don't know witch is better but I do my daughters since I am a photographer. I would do yours if you lived any where Hulett WY lol Good luck finding a good place.

Jessica - posted on 12/01/2010




Whatever you do, don't use a studio that uses, especially if you plan on buying more pictures later on like I did. Went to Kiddie Kandids for my daughter's 6 months and the pictures came out great! The photographer's were amazing and did a really good job with her (we couldn't get her to smile at all). They said it would take about a week for them to be available online. I waited a week they weren't there. Long story short, I called they're customer service about 20 times, waited almost three weeks, and then the pictures were finally there. But it was only half of them were on the website! Called back a few more times, finally just asked to speak with a supervisor, after badgering with her for 10 minutes or so the lady ended up YELLING at me. So I hung up on her and sent them an email saying I was never using their website again and telling everyone I know not to either and that I hoped they were happy with the way they treat their customers.

You have to keep in mind that during the holidays its SUPERR busy and that the photographers are doing their best to keep all of the customers happy. A lot of times they get overbooked, people show up with out an appt or early/late for their appts. Next year try making an appt for early in the season (like before thanksgiving if possible) that way the session isn't rushed.

Carolyn's idea of finding a private photographer is really good! I just so happen to be a photo major and at my next mother's group I'm taking everyone's holiday portraits for them then I go and print them at walmart. Save's a lot of time, money, and frustration.Find a friend or family member who's a photo buff and I'm sure they'd be willing to help out

Lacye - posted on 11/30/2010




I go to the PictureMe studios at Wal Mart. Look at the little profile pic. That's one of them. I've had some pretty good experiences with them. When Lily was 6 weeks old, I had her picture taken there and they did a wonderful job!

Sarh - posted on 11/30/2010




If I am not mistaken Sears session/sitting fee is $9.99 and WalMarts is only $4.95 or something like that. Not sure if that would matter you, I have 2 children so it would make a huge difference.
We have had pictures done at both places and Sears was pushy, we had to hurry up because they had another appointment... well hello, you knew I had an infant why did you allow more time?! My aunt went there once and forgot her coupon in her car, not at home, just right out in the parking lot. They told her that she would have to reschedule her appointment or have the pictures done w/out the coupon!
I have never had any problems at our local PictureMe studios (Wal Mart). They are always very friendly and great w/my children. The pictures turn out wonderfully as well!
I would never return to Sears, unless I were to do the same as my aunt who uses the free 8X10 coupon, buys like one sheet of photos and that is it. But for what you are doing I would definitely choose Wal Mart.

Carolyn - posted on 11/30/2010




why not look into photographers ? i know here in my little rinky dink town there are so many people with amazing cameras and creative skills who will do pictures on the cheap and you will usually get so much nicer pictures than the simply posed infront of a back drop pictures. you can see if they can give you the files on disc and then you can order the prints yourself through walmart or something and save a bundle.

I know i will be doing my own pictures , and have been since he was born . I spent a fair dollar on a nikon dslr so i could avoid paying session fees and the like and can do my own when ever i want !!!

September - posted on 11/30/2010




I personally think that Sears has better quality pictures and I myself have never felt rushed through a photo session while having pictures taken at Sears. However my sister LOVES walmart I guess it just depends on the person really. Good luck and I hope your pictures turn out wonderfully! :)

Anna - posted on 11/30/2010




I do not like either including jcp they rush rush rush you have 30min to get the pic taken and order them!! before your tiime is up.. if i had to choose i would go with walmart because i have gotten bad pictures as jcp and sears is sooo rushy!! My daughter was crabby we got maybe two good pictures in 15-20 min that includes changing them and we had to hurry up and order them no choiices nothing i was upset! I do Enstroms they are expensive but they let you take your time and do what you want and you have as long as you want to order pictures. But if your going cheaper id go walmart they give you a little more time at least!

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I've never done Wal-Mart photos. I'm done Sears and JC Penney and had bad experiences with both. I scheduled the pictures to be done when my daughter would be awake and happy, and they were so far behind (both places) that it was her naptime before they got to us. However, the stores in your particular area may be run differently. All you can do is try it out and see.

Whatever you decide, do it very soon! Portrait studios are generally very busy this time of year and you want to make sure you can get in. Plus it takes time to get your pictures in. With them being so busy, it may take a while for the pictures to be processed.

Good luck!

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