Tips for farsighted 3 Year Old?

Sarah - posted on 05/31/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hello, I noticed my son's left eye would cross sometimes while looking at some things or when he was tired, so after an appointment with the pediatrician she recommended taking him to have his eyes checked out. After the appointment yesterday, we were told that my almost 3 year old was farsighted, with it being worse in his left eye. She gave us a prescription for glasses, and made us another appointment for next month because she wants to carefully watch his left eye for the possibility of patching. His father and I have never had glasses, this is a totally new experience for us. I feel like it's a nightmare waiting to happen. I can't see him wanting to wear them, whether flex frame or not.

His prescription is for Right + Left: Spherical: +375 Cylindrical: +1.00

I don't have much of an understanding for what that means :)

If anyone has any tips! Like I said, my son is just turning 3 so I'm trying to figure this all out! Thanks!


Lynn - posted on 06/01/2012




My kids don't wear glasses, but my son's eyes would move strangely sometimes when he was looking up, and a second later, they'd go back to the middle. I used to think I was imagining what I saw. I took him to an eye surgeon, not an optometrist, and he was diagnosed with "strabismus" which means that the lower eye muscle that pushes your eye up, was too strong. The muscle would push his left eye up too far. The doctor told me that if left untreated, since his eyes weren't working together, his brain would start to "shut off" the messages coming from his left eye, and he would start to lose his vision. He was only 3, and that really scared me, so we scheduled him to have eye muscle surgery. They had to go in and cut the eye muscle, to weaken it.

When it healed, it was perfectly fine. At the last minute, the doctor ended up doing the surgery to both eyes, because he said the right eye would start to do the same thing soon if left untreated. The surgery took about 20 minutes total, and he had red eyes and some bruising around his eyes for a few days. He never needed an eye patch, and never had any pain or vision problems afterwards. He's ten now, and hasn't had any problems since. They did tell us that someday, he may need to have it done again.

I have known young kids who have worn glasses, and the elastic strap that goes around the back of the head helps keep them on. They take some time to get used to, and they do get scratched often. Get at least two pairs, and insure them, because they will break and get lost.

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Shannon - posted on 06/02/2012




just tell your son that the glasses are there to help him see better. My daughter started wearing glasses for the same reason at 18 months. As soon as she realized that they helped her see, she left them alone and wore them. flex frames are a good investment if you can afford it, also if he is fussy with them get the strap that goes around the back of the head to help them stay on. let him pick the frames if possible (or at least the colour) it will help him feel good about it.

Michelle - posted on 05/31/2012




my son has been wearing glasses since he was 3 1/2 we didn't have any problems getting him to wear his glasses because he could see better with them on I have a harder time getting him to wear them now at11 then I did as a toddler.

Medic - posted on 05/31/2012




My 5 year old is horribly farsighted in one eye and horribly nearsighted in the other. We got him the flex frames and he has done great. He does not wear them while playing but wears them when he is doing school work, on the computer, or playing games. Just be positive about it. My son cried when he tried on every pair of glasses until the last ones and they are bright ninja turtle green and he suddenly stopped crying and got a big grin. I think the fact that he chose them made the transition easier on him.

Rosa - posted on 05/31/2012




Wow that's a big difference in prescription. I didn't know that my daughter was farsighted till she was in kindergarden her's was a +2 in one and +3 in the other. The eye doctor recommended the eye patch but I don't remember if it was the good or bad eye. Now it's a but worse but they are closer in prescription then they used to be. But she loves her glasses. If you have not gotten him his glasses yet, try letting him pick out which one he likes maybe that will make him want to wear them. after 2 yrs my daughter dislikes wearing them at home but thinks she's all cool when she wears them to school. Good Luck and hope he enjoys wearing them. I have been since I was 7. and I'm sure my youngest is going to need them since we both wear them.

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