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Kim - posted on 05/11/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




Did anyone while pg just want to walk around with a flashing sign saying 'hands off my bump', why do u suddenly become public property? it drove me nuts, i hate being touched by anyone other than my husband so when i'm walking around the supermarket trying to choose pads for my hospital bag and ppl are groping my bump i wanted to beat them with a box of tampax! Am i being irrational?

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Kerri - posted on 05/11/2010




With my first child i loved people touching my belly, not complete strangers though, but i was very proud of this little person i had created and especially loved sharing it with the elderly as i felt i was creating a memory for them. But as for my second pregnancy i was very miserable and could not stand anyone even being within 2ft of me let alone them touching and pushing around on my belly!

Jamie - posted on 05/11/2010




That is so funny b/c I had the same problem. Why do people want to touch your stomach when you are pregnant? I mean it is a stomach, it's not actually the baby. Everywhere I went when I was pregnant people would just walk up and want to touch my stomach and plus when I was with my mom, she would invite people over to touch it which didn't help much, lol.

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i would frwak if someone i didnt know tried to touch my belly. thats a total invasion of privacy... you are so not being irrational. lol i would beat them with the tampax box!

April - posted on 05/11/2010




I totally agree with you! When I was prego I even had strange men touch my stomache!!! I am a shy person and it would freak me out!

Melissa - posted on 05/11/2010




I hated it to and was very forward about. I had shirts that paraphrased my feeling on such touching. It will make you even more upset when the baby is out and strangers feel free to touch your kid.

Crystal - posted on 05/11/2010




I do not think that you are beng irrational at all. When I was pg last summer I felt the same way. I even wore a shirt to my baby shower that said dont even think about touching me. I was just not ok with people other then my husband touching me. I think that all women will feel differently about people touching them, so others should be more senstive and keep their hands off!!

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