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Has anyone else ever heard of this? I am watching a special on radical parenting styles. Un-schooling is a theory that that parents do not set any boundaries for there children at all. The kids do whatever they want including watching as much tv as they want, eating whatever they choose, sleeping when they want and only bathing and brushing their teeth if they choose. The kids do not attend any formal school setting either including home schooling. They are completely SELF TAUGHT!! The parents feel they learn from every day experiences by themselves.
What are your thoughts about this? I personally feel that these parents should be put in jail for child abuse.
These children are not going to be able to function in society with out having any boundaries or rules. The parents are setting them up for failure later in life.

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Jamie - posted on 03/04/2010




Seriously...great so our future is looking at hannah montana wanna bes and the jonas brothers. Here they come knocked up at 16 having to go on governement assistance because they cant get a job. Did thier parents want to raise stupid kids?

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If children could raise themselves, why have parents at all? I am not even sure how that is legal. I homeschool my kids. In NC, they have to be able to pass the test at the end of the year. The minimum requirement is for grade-level math and english. I follow the schools curriculum requirements plus all life skills training I believe they need. I cannot imagine just letting them do whatever.

Carolee - posted on 03/04/2010




My job as a parent is to prepare my children to be able to succeed in the world. These people are not preparing their children to do ANYTHING, much less hold down a job, obey basic laws, drive a car (how are you going to do THAT without rules), or get a degree if they choose to go for a job that requires one (which more and more "basic" jobs do). They are raising their children to feel "entitled" to what they want simply because they want it. Unfortunately, I feel that the parents are setting their kids up for nothing more than a low blow once they get out into the real world and deal with real people who won't put up with crap.

Ashley - posted on 03/04/2010




ya and i bet these kids are going to live off welfare when they get older because they wont know how to read/write

Andrea - posted on 03/04/2010




wow- that's awful. kids NEED structure and rules; a healthy balance of independence and rules is important for kids to learn how to act in society. think lord of the flies! lol

User - posted on 03/04/2010




LOL They may have called it un-schooling, but it's actually un-parenting. There is a concept/type of schooling called unschooling, but it is a structured learning invironment. Actual Un-schooling is when the parents have a normal structured home setting, ans rules and routines, punisment and delayed gratification and all that good character building tools...but for the "school" it is very intesive especially for the mother. The theroy is when your child asks a question, you help them find the answer instead of give an easy one, you help look it up it the encyclopidia or a referance book or google. They learn to read when they are ready, frequently early. and Basically find whatever answer they are looking for, which does make the world their oyster.
Quite a few people also incorperate "better late then early" into this type of schooling as they fit so well together, which is teaching when the child ask to learn...some kids want to read early and some want to read late, BUT the thing is when your child asks to learn something they are usually able to pick it up in two months becaseu they are ready and eager, and they never forget it like they do with tradional forced learning. It is really amazing and the kids end up so well educated and well diciplined. It takes much more character to work at finding out then just asking, "why?" and taking the first answer. They grow up to be amazing business people and leaders, becasue they dont have "I can't" in their minds, only "how can I?" And you have taught them how to find out :)

What those people are doing is far far far from any kind of schooling and IS NOT un-schooling....its just lazy and wierd.

Brittanie - posted on 03/03/2010




It's ridiculous to think that children raised this way will have a fair shot when they get older. With no basic hygeine and no education they will not be able to get a job. I agree that is basically neglect and I would go so far as to report any parent I knew of that was doing this with their children.

Jessica - posted on 03/03/2010




I total agree with you. I was so disgusted with these parents!! As a teacher and mom I couldn't imagine doing this to my children.

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its neglect. plain and simple. if you dont actually want to parent your children (b/c in this "style", there is no parenting being done), DONT HAVE KIDS. i have heard and read about this as well. parents that choose this lifestyle are, in my opinon, being selfish and are doing a complete disservice to their children. i pity the spouses these children may take someday and the areas they live in. wow...

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