What's your happiest memory?

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I was wondering whether people would like to share their happiest memories of Pregnancy, Labour &/or BF?

Whilst pregnant with my 1st I listened to Bob Marley all the time. I'd just delivered Harry and the midwife left the room to get something and from one of the other rooms I could hear 'One Love' on the radio.......it was a 'moment'. It was so lovely lying there with him listening to that. It was almost like fate!!

And with my 2nd baby I had a home delivery which was amazing in it's self! But my greatest memory from having Max was BF him when he was 4 wks old at Blackpool Zoo! My family went off to play at the play area I sat myself on a bench and fed him. It was a beautiful sunny day and I could hear all the children playing and it was so lovely and relaxing.

I hope you liked reading my memories and feel comfortable to share some of yours!


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Kayleigh - posted on 05/21/2009




Hello =)
My best memory was the day I took, my daughter home. I sat in the back of the car, next to her car seat watching her and was so happy I just cried. She was 9 weeks early and went through a rough couple of weeks. I got to take her home 7 weeks after I had her. Was the best feeling ever.

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