When can I start giving her cut up banana etc?

Kelsey - posted on 12/11/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




My daughter will be 6 mos soon and I would like to start giving her cut up fruits but dont know when most people start doing that.


Jennifer - posted on 12/11/2009




Well it really all depends on the baby. If she does the motion with her mouth to " chew " with her gums than she may be ready. My son is 8 mths and I have just started feeding him little bits of cut up banana. I'd say try it, give her a little piece and see how she does. If she does good than shes ready!!

Jen - posted on 12/11/2009




Munchkin makes these little mesh net things that I used to put bananas in for my daughter. They're made for 6 months and up. I didn't give her cut up banana until about 9 months. Like everyone else has said you can mush it up for her anyway.

Donna - posted on 12/11/2009




I started giving my little girl banana about 6 months, just mash it up a bit at first. Make sure she doesn't choke, and you can mash less the next time so's that she gets used to the tougher texture. Too much banana can make her a bit constipated, so not too often is best, maybe every other day. Try a really ripe mango too mashed up a bit, or a slightly cooked mashed apple too. try a cooked carrot mashed a bit too, they're really sweet and my daughter still loves them. Hope this helps x

Elin - posted on 12/11/2009




You're getting some really good advice. It all depends ont he baby. You want to make sure that she can sit up, and then also that she "chews" (gumming the food!). Since banana is tougher than the puree she needs to be able to chew it some to swallow it. My son gets a little over ambitious (6 mo also) and tries to swallow food without chewing it so we are waiting a little before giving him that. THough he handles fruit and veggie puffs that dissolve almost instantly. You know your baby better than anybody!

Daleion - posted on 12/11/2009




well when she turn 6 month you can give her banana but you need to mush it up first at that age u can give her finger food but keep a close eye on her though.

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Alina - posted on 12/11/2009




i started when they started mouthing the pureed ones. does she try to chew the baby food yet? does she sit up. thats when shes ready for that stuff. however, small pieces of bananas wont hurt to try since they are so soft as long as you are right there in case she doesnt handle them well. just smash them a little bit at first so it will be almost like the baby food type. that will give you an idea of what she can handle.

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