when should a toddler sit in a booster seat??

Tausha - posted on 04/09/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




so i know its wise to keep them rear facing till 2, but when should you get them into a booster seat?? i have a 2 year old weighing 30 or so pounds and the booster seat says 28-somthing weight. is it really safe??

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Chancey - posted on 04/10/2011




No. It's not. A toddler should not be in a booster seat. Period. Not sure where you're at but thankfully here in Texas the law states the child has to be 4 AND 40lbs to be in a booster. HOWEVER a child should be harnessed for as long as possible. Compare these 2 youtube vids and you'll see why
heres a child(much bigger then a toddler) a in a booster

heres a child in a 5 point harness

still painful to watch(which is why rear facing is SO improtant)but better then the-again- much bigger child being thrown all around in a booster
Belles gift is a powerful video everyone who is thinking of putting their toddler/preschooler in a booster should watch

Both my children are still harnessed. The youngest is almost 4 and the oldest is 6. Their seats harness until 65pounds but there are seats that harness all the way to 80lbs(the proper weight to use a reg seat belt.

Pia - posted on 04/09/2011




I personally don't think so, however laws here in Australia say that we can turn our babies around at 6 months. I would check out the booster seat laws where you are and then make a decision based on those and what you are comfortable with. Keep your baby RF as long as possible though.

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