when should you start potty training your child ????


Chancey - posted on 02/10/2010




I'm from the camp of 'there is no need to train'. lol Let me explain. For me, when *you* take a child and sit them on the potty every 30 mins, 45mins, or whatever then *you* are being trained(to watch the clock) not the child (to do their business). When a child is mature enough to recognize the feeling of 'gotta go', can get to the potty, get undressed(or ask for help) and actually take care or business THEN they are ready to 'train...but see that really leaves no 'training' to do. The book Toddler 411 explains it better lol With my oldest I sat her down at 27mos and expalined that it was her job to feel the need to go and then put the pees and poops in the potty. I got rid of the diapers that day and that was that.

Now as for my 31month old she's having no part of it lmbo She knows the urges and what she needs to do she just simply chooses not to do it. She picks out a diaper and if I cant put it on right then, and she cant wait, she's been known to ask her 5 year old sister to put it on lmao It's just 1 battle I wont fight. At such a young age this really is one of the only things she can control so I let her ♥

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Jessica - posted on 02/10/2010




I started my daughter in August of 2009 (she was 2 at the end of July). She took to it very well. Just started by taking her in with me and having her sit on the potty when I went...she had her own small potty. She was potty trained by Christmas except that she still wears diapers to go to nap and bed. She may have once accident a week if anything but this really upsets her. She loves wearing her big girl panties. When I purchased these she really started to work at going potty. After the first poop in the toilet she never did it again in her diaper so would say that it is easier to train. My sister started at about 18 months but her daughter didn't catch on very well until she was about 2 and then progressed in about the same manner as mine. Mostly just praising them when they do it in the potty really helps and I started with giving her teddy grahams when she would try. After awhile she really took to it of course and I didn't have to give them to her anymore.

Kerri - posted on 02/10/2010




I only have a 9 month old but I do know that at the daycare that I worked at we started helping the parents in the 2 year old room and they had to be potty trained by 3 years old in order to move on to the 3 year old room. So parents started sooner but I know thats when we started with the children! Hope this helps and @Lily Rockwell I personally would change my sons Dr becuase 4 years old is WAAAYY to late to start potty training having a 4 year old thats not all the way potty trained was a big thing in our daycare. So I would talk to you childs Ped more!!!!!

Nancy - posted on 02/10/2010




thanks for the help I think i'll give it a go and see what happens thanks again :)

Rachel - posted on 02/10/2010




I started all three of mine at around 18 months and the two oldest were completely trained by 3 years old. It takes a while to get them used to it but just take a few minutes several times a day to sit them on the potty. It's easier if you just take them in the bathroom with you when you have to go. They learn better when they actually see what's going on. Encourage them but don't try to force them.They'll start when they're ready.

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Wow, that seems really late to me. What's the harm in starting before then? It certainly won't cause any damage. Maybe an accident or two. But from what I've heard, training a child to poop on the toilet is easier than training to pee. I know a little boy he is poop trained and he's only 16 months old. His parents practiced elimination communication with him from very early on and that is becoming more and more popular. If I had found out about EC sooner I would have done it too.
I would think that waiting till they're 4 is too long. They might be too used to pooping and peeing in their diaper by that point. I think the majority of children are fully potty trained by 4 years and I'm sure any preschool teacher could confirm that.

Lily - posted on 02/10/2010




well my sons doctor says 4 years is best because by then they have a good bowels and they are developed enough anytime befor then is not advised by him.

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