When to transition to toddler beds and how?

Stephanie - posted on 08/13/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My daughter turns 18 months in just a few days and my husband and I are contemplating converting her crib into a "big girl bed." One of my sisters did the same thing with her youngest daughter at 18 months and it worked WONDERS for her sleeping habits. My other sister had her kids in toddler beds right after they learned to walk. On the other hand, my mother in law thinks it's too early and that there are hazards in the room that we may not think our daughter will get into. I REALLY do not know what to do. My daughter is not a terrible sleeper, but I do still rock her a bit- usually long enough to read her a book or two and then she's asleep. She CAN sleep through the night, but more often then not she wakes up at least one-two times a night. I think she may be more comfortable in a toddler bed and I think it will help us transition to not rocking her anymore. I'd love to be able to lay her in her bed and read to her while she falls asleep. Unfortunately she is a light sleeper, so I don't know how we'd handle keeping her in the room without just keeping the door closed like usual. I know some people put up a baby gate and leave the door open, but I guarantee she will wake up anytime someone goes to use the restroom which is across from her room. All in all....I just need everyone's opinion on the right age for toddler beds and how they went about the transition. THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!!

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Jennifer Jo - posted on 08/14/2010




i converted my son's bed around 20 months or so. i would sit down in the floor and play with his hair or gently rub his face till he was calm enough to begin to fall asleep. then would set there till he fell alseep. after about a month he was used to the habit and i would only have to rub on him for bout 10 mins or so a night, then leave the room. now, he would sometimes end up in the hallway asleep... but i would just take him back to bed when i went to bed. i would put up a baby gate before i went to bed... just cause he was a busy child and would get up to "roam" the house before i got up if not

Melissa - posted on 08/14/2010




I switched my daughter over when she was two because she was climbing out in the middle of the night. Shes three now,and I am still having trouble getting her to stay put in her bed when she is supposed to be sleeping. If you think that your child is going to try to wander, then I would wait. I say wait as long as you can, IMO.

Bonnie - posted on 08/14/2010




With my first son, we transfered him to a toddler bed at around 20 months and my second son at around 18 months. According to the toddler bed we switched to, on the box it stated 15 months and up, if that puts you at ease at all. They usually say that you know your child is really ready once they can climb out of their crib, but neither of my kids did that.

Tiffany - posted on 08/14/2010




My son went straight from his playpen to a toddler bed. 18 months old. I put the bed in his room, wrapped up the playpen, and he knew exactly what it was. He practiced a few times by wandering around and passing out on OUR bed. He's slept in his toddler bed with no problems from day 1.

Alison - posted on 08/13/2010




We converted our toddlers cot to a toddler bed when he was about 18m (more so because he was getting a bit heavy for all the heaving in and out of the cot). He's now happy enough to go to bed (runs down and climbs into bed), we do shut the door on him until he falls asleep (otherwise he's back down to the lounge room 20 times a night), and then I check on him, make sure he's warm enough and leave his door ajar so that he can get out of his room in the morning. If it doesn't work for your little girl, then you can always put the cot walls back up, but it might also be just the thing she needs. Hope it works out for you :)

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