Who wants to vent about something?! No judgment, no 'advice', just a good old fashioned whine fest to get it all out!!

Kara - posted on 05/29/2012 ( 10 moms have responded )




Here's my reason, Moms are expected to take it as it comes, some of us have husband that think we do nothing all day, other moms work AND take care of a home, and we are expected to smile all day long about it!! We are expected to have a clean home, clean kids, polite kids, cooked food, organic everything, the baby proof home, finances situated, happy children and not to complain about a SINGLE thing! Well guess what! My three year old smashed eggs on the floor in the kitchen while I was in the bathroom pooping! (Yea I said it, I poop!) then I called my husband and he said, do you want me to call my mom to come pick her up? NO I do NOT want my mother in law to come get the kid I could not control, that would be admitting I don't have everything under control and she would use it against me!! Also, I hate watching kids shows, they're boring, peek a boo is getting REAL old, we have more than one book in the house, I don't want to read Nap Time Lap Time ANYmore! Especially since it won't convince you to sleep, I wanna watch a movie, with a sexy man in it, and NOT share my popcorn, and not pause it eight times because someone woke up. And for goodness sake STOP asking me whats wrong! Trust me! I will yell at you about later unless I decide not to!

I love, love, LOVE, my kids, and my husband and my life and I would never change it, but you know what!? I'm aloud to be irritated sometimes! And whiny!

Your turn!


Kelina - posted on 05/30/2012




lol some days all I can think is OH MY GOD I SOUND LIKE MY MOTHER. No you can't wear your sandals in the rain! You're not wearing your oversized cars boots to church! No I'm not going to push you on the swing for the next 3 hours! Save your hay you might marry a horse! Then there's the OMG that's so my fault but still! Like today when my son told his sister to shut up because she was crying. I've never told anyone but the dog to shut up in front of him and as soon as he repeated it to the dog we stopped(absolutely hilarious by the way when the dog actually listened) Little booger couldn't speak up so I could hear him say anything else but that! oh no, THAT he had to shout. Some days I want to look at my kids and say believe it or not, I don't want to have to tell you five times to get dressed. I don't want to have to yell at you because you're not listening, and I don't want to have to tell you repeatedly to mind your own business and eat! Some days I would love to ACTUALLY lose my temper instead of just having it bubble beneath the surface until I can release it some other way. Some days I would love to use my grownup words. No really, I don't want to read the same story that's not a story at all that we've read for last 3 days over and over and over. Guess what? fighting with you at bedtime sucks! Really, please, stop the 30 second meltdowns-that occur every minute and a half. If you'd listen int he first place, we wouldn't have to threaten you with no story! I'd love it if you learned to put yourself to bed, but at the same time I know I'd end up feeling really really guilty and I love that they rely on me to be part of their bedtime routine. To my husband-every so often, I'd really love to fight dirty! Sometimes when we're arguing, I want to bring up past arguments and all the crap you haven't done, but I don't because I don't feel like that's fair. I'd love to take all the crap I take during the day and take it out on you. I'd love to blame you for things that aren't your fault because I'm hormonal and bitchy. I'd also love it if you could figure out how to stick to a damn budget and stop asking for money. get it through your head WE DON'T HAVE ANY! I don't care if your shoes are falling apart! I don't care if you don't particularly like my patch jobs on your jeans! You're gonna keep wearing them cause you're the one that keeps ripping them! You need new underwear you say? Join the club! You need new shoes? So do I! Oh and so do the kids cause theirs aren't just falling apart they're too small as well. Thank God we cloth diaper, or it would wind up being battle royal over diapers every month! Speaking of which, if you're going to change the baby, can you not get your own damn cloths wet? I do! I do it several times a day! And guess what, if I forget then I still have to figure it out! But no! Every single freakin diaper change, you mysteriously "forget" to get the cloths wet and then have to get me to do it for you. Well if I'm going to do that and then pick up the diaper afterwards to put it in the pail, why wouldn't I have just changed her in the first place! And stop half assing things! If you're going to do something, do it right they first time! Granted this one he's slowly learning since if he'd done things how I'd said to do them the first time a)they wouldn't have taken so long and b) his mother wouldn't be harassing him every time she comes over now. ah, that feels better....

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I want a night where I'm not getting up 3 or more times because my son is teething. I want him out of our room. I want my husband back in our room. With his work being so stressful lately he's been forced to sleep on the couch in order to get a good nights sleep. I want my husband's boss to stop going on a vacation every other week leaving him with a shit load of work to do and no hours to do it. I would like to actually spend a day with my husband where he isn't getting phone calls and texts about work. I really want to throw his phone in the Sound.

I want to have the energy and drive to keep my house from looking like crap with clutter. I am so sick and tired of my husband half ass projects taking up half the dinning table and the entire computer desk. I want a house where we have enough room for all of that stuff to have a place. Maybe get my son in his own room instead of being forced to either share ours or his sister's. I want my kids to have a yard to play in, not some crappy parking area with a busy road a few feet away, and no park in reasonable walking distance for a toddler.

I am so sick an tired of the asshole construction workers by my husband's work. They have made it almost impossible to get in to the parking lot. They have made it so that there is only one way to get in from Southbound. I'm at least thankful that we don't live in the apartments right there.

I'm F*#Kn' tired of being treated like shit, because the only aid we get from the state is health insurance for my kids. I mean if people really don't want my kids to have the state insurance than they can either pay us the $500 a month for private or the kid's medical bills. Excuse me for wanting healthy children. Especially when one might have a seizure disorder.

Sarah - posted on 06/02/2012




Men now days are total pieces of crap!!!! I found out my ex fiance was on drugs after 15 years of knowing him an four months of dating him. I found out I was pregnant two days before I found out about him being on drugs bc I found pills in our apartment.... I have a two year old already and I do not want it around my kids so I left and what did he do.... He moved to TN to run away from his problems!!!! Ugh I hate men!!!! Now I am a single mother to two kids

Ashley - posted on 06/01/2012




For once i would like someone else to take the enishitive, for once i want my husband to think about what to make for dinner or do the dishes, anything i dont have to tell him what to do. My kids why do i have to ask them to do the same dam thing 6 times before they will do it or make such an issue over eating or fighting, why must they steal something from the other so the other will then hit and then all around screaming and crying why. How come when i want to go out for coffee im niglecting my children or you cant leave without taking the baby and he can go whenever the hell he wants for as long as he wants and thats ok. Im just so dam tired of it all i love my kids but i find it difficult to injoy them my husband just drives me bat crazzy and i mostly just feel guilty for not being the mom i wanted to be before i relized what kidds were acualy like. thanks for the vent

Kelina - posted on 06/01/2012




Something I would absoliutely love is a day where I'm not expected to be perfect. Where I can say, ya, my house is a mess, my daughters hair looks like she slept with pigtails in(she so did) and I'm in a bad mood. I want a day where no one is clinging to me, kids and husband included. I want a day where I don't have to yell at my dogs because the bloody firehall siren just went off or there's a cat in the next yard, or a leaf fell on the ground. I want a day where my husband doesn't expect me to be superwoman. And i want just one day where my husband even ATTEMPTS to do all the crap that I do. Anyone ever mowed the lawn 7 months pregnant with two kids in tow? cause I have. My husband would probably faint at the mere thought. I want a day where my husband doesn't sit there and read over my shoulder when I'm on the computer because he wants it. Or the kids don't immediately come up and start whining for cartoons as soon as I open it. I want to go back to before my daughter learned what juice was(stupid birthday party). I would love it if my husband could clean the kitchen for ONE NIGHT without half assing it. I would love to post something on facebook and actually get a good reply instead of no reply at all or something judgmental. CAuse I'm sick and tired of people thinking I'm complaining when I've just posted something positive, judging me when I'm having a rough day, and always thinking I do shit all.

Erin - posted on 06/01/2012




I know what you mean! Im sick of people in my life sitting there and telling me its not a race to have babies. I wanted to tell said person to f off. I do everything i can around the property(living with my future inlaws) AND tend to my daughter! well this summer I will have my son too(lives with his dad in bc) and I know it going to be tricky! but i know i can. i just dont like people who think they know it all damn well budding into my business!! I also cant stand when people speak up when the conversation has absolutly NOTHING to do with them! I love being a mommie and i definately wont trade it for the world. but some ppl really need to pull the stick outta their ass and stop being the way they are.

I get frustrated when i ask my son how his day when and he tells me he doesn't want to talk about it. or if i dont hear him nevermind. I hate when my daughter doesnt listen(Very selective hearing) and i have to start raising my voice to her (which i hate doing). LOVE LOVE LOVE my babies but holy hell! I wish that we were better off than we are(doing fairly well future hubby is working with a great company andi can see him going places with this comapny) but damnit when he has to stay late that pisses me off. he knows this too.

Im frustrated because i too am waiting on results (fiancee and i are trying for baby 2 together) and I had blood work done and they wouldnt tell me for whatever reasons. (GRRR) wanting a baby. Im pissed off at my sister in laws and they treat my mother in law like shit! greakly i wanna slap em for it but i cant. I gotta keep my temper (no longer on anti depressants because we are trying) I HATE the waiting game. it sucks ass!

I think thats it but who knows at this point

Rosa - posted on 05/31/2012




I just want to spend one day where I don't have to worry about work, cleaning, cooking, taking care of either kid. Spend it with my nose in a book and read for 6 hours straight. I want to come home after a long day at work and not have to worry about what to make for dinner because it is already started. I want to not work go to school and do what I REALLY want to do which is cook, bake anything that I can get my hands into. I just got promoted and as great as it sounds I don't want it, because that means I cant make my own schedule I am going to have to work 45+ hours a week and now who's going to be cleaning and cooking and paying the bills. ME that's who and who's gonna help NOT HIM that's for sure. I want to sit in front of the tv and netflix all the cheesy romantic movies that makes me wish I had done thing differently in life. But my oldest wants to watch kids shows or Charmed (which I got her hooked on) but come on seriously you want to watch all 8 seasons AGAIN after you JUST finished them. SERIOUSLY. I want to have a night out on the town with friends, but I don't have any so I'm stuck at home. I want to drink wine and have laughs. I want to go to the movies then come home relax in bed and have wild sex all night long. I miss it. I miss the kisses, the hugs, I want an I LOVE YOU dammit. Here I thought I didn't have anything to say. It still didn't help to rant. I just want to scream it then cry in the corner. :,(

Anna - posted on 05/30/2012




I'm frustrated!!! So darn frustrated!!! I've been having pregnancy symptoms for almost three weeks, and no positive test results yet. Granted, it's still pretty early, but hot damn either let me have my period or gimme a positive result! I'm really frustrated because, if I am pregnant, this is going to have some major effects on my life. I'm in the military and stationed overseas, for one, so I'm not near any of my family and we live off my income alone because there aren't many jobs over here for civilian spouses. Also, I'm trying to get into ROTC to go back to school and get my degree/become an officer, and if I AM pregnant, that's going to set me back by about two years. Ugh! I just want to know already so I can make some freakin' plans!

Michelle - posted on 05/29/2012




Ok I know what you mean, I love my son and my husband and my life. I work fulltime at a crap job to help with the bills cause we get like no child tax cause my husband makes to much money, but not enough , you know what I mean. Then I see my friends who have 4,5 kids alone cause they want to be and on assitants no jugement to thoughs who really need it, but they wanted to be on it so they didn't have to work and spend all kinds of money on thereselfs, and leave there kids with a 24/7 babysitter so they can party all night and sleep all day. I worked my ass off to get my mat leave and had to put my son in daycare so I can make a living, and there reaping all the benifits, and they don't have to do a thing. Thats my beef I know too many people like this so it bugs me, thanks for starting a bitch fest feels good LOL

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