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what do you guys do to keep your babies cozy during the cold months i live in oregon and it gets pretty cold here!

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I live just north in Washington. We use our fireplace like crazy. I always have a blanket in the living room that we cuddle under. Last year my daughter was only a month old so we used blankets constantly, she also slept with us to keep warm. The plan this year is to use a space heater in her room for 2 hours before bed that way her room stays toasty all night. We already have fuzzy boots for when it snows.

When I lived with my sister closer to the Gorge we would dress her son up in layers. He wore a onesie and a sweater inside and during that particular winter he wore a fleece jacket and a snow jacket with snow pants outside. Freezing rain isn't fun.

Nikki - posted on 09/07/2010




I live in Toronto and it gets REAL cold here!! Last winter my son was around six months. We dressed him in alot of fleece, things with feet and hoods, hates with strings because he takes everything off, snowsuits and we had a sleeping bag for the stroller. This year will be different as my son is 15 months and hates his stroller and usually either the wagon or walking, so boots and a snowsuit is what he will wear. Im a big fan of layers so he can adjust from inside to out. We have never put him in the car seat bundled, so things that are easy to take on and off if we are driving. One piece if we arent.

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Baby Gap sells fleece lined pants, they are wonderful!
Make sure you have a coat/snowsuit that has fold over sleeve ends so your baby can't pull their mittens off. When going outside cover up their face so the frigid air doesn't freeze their lungs, because it can shock them and hurt. I live in rural Wisconsin, and my son was born in January '09. These tips helped me a lot.

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One must-have I'd recommend is a car seat cover!!! That way you don't have to bundle up your baby to go outside. I used to always stick a lighter-weight blanket underdeath the cover, too, just for extra warmth and comfort.

Another must-have is the pajama sacks, the pajamas that literally look like a sack you zip your baby into. They are nice for changing the diapers in the middle of the night and not having to mess with the hassle of stuffing kicking feet back into the legs of the feet pajamas!

A good thing to do when dressing your baby is to layer the clothing so you can take off something if he/she gets warm as the day goes on.

And don't forget about warm, fuzzy blankets, of course.

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i had wondersuits for bed and long pants and socks and zip up hoodies for my 6 month old during winter

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i live in alberta, canada, and it gets cold here too. my daughter was born in june, so by the time winter hit, she was like 5 months old. we made sure to keep her covered by fleece blankets when she was outside, she had her snowsuit and hat and mittens. she used to wear long pants, long sleeved shirts, a sweater and jacket, winter boots etc. my son is due in october so he'll be brand new still went winter comes, so we bought him a fleecy cover for the carseat... just remember to have lots of extra blankets in the car and keep your babe layered! :)

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oddly enough the snow was gone when my son was born 15 feb 09 but it was coldish so i used fleece blankets to cover his carrier up or put him in his snowsuit my parents bought him. last winter i just bought him an oshkosh b'gosh jacket which was extremely thick and mitten. this winter he will be turning 2 so i will be buying both of us the whole get-up so he can spend time outside on nice days playing! as for regular clothes he usually wears long sleeves t's and jeans or fleece bottoms.

Lori - posted on 09/07/2010




I would recommend the thick footie pajamas. My son loved wearing them. You can also buy a stroller cover that is very warm when spending any amount of time outside. Make sure you don't dress your baby too warmly though. Good luck and keep warm.

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