worried about bring my 5month old on a plane

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my daughter is 5months and my family lives in europe, they all want to met her so i am planning on going with her in may but the flight is 9hours any tips?

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C. - posted on 03/19/2010




My husband, son and I went from SC to HI (we were moving) when my son had just turned 5 months old. That was a 16-hour flight plus layovers. Just remember to bring some key items in your carry-on/diaper bag and you should be just fine!

-pacifiers, Infant's Tylenol and/or Infant's Gas drops
-extra diapers and wipes (I took about 35 diapers and a ton of wipes, just in case)
-extra clothes for you AND your daughter in case of leaks/spills
-baby washcloths just in case
-bottles/nipples and a bottle brush
-formula and baby food (we took both ready-to-feed and powder formula- they let us get on the plane with water for the formula- unopened containers of baby food. Just be sure to allot yourselves enough time b/c they WILL do extra searches (swabbing of hands, pat you down, make sure the containers have not been tampered with) b/c of the baby foods, but they will still let you on the plane with them.)
-soft, cuddly toys for sleeping/napping
-books, toys

My son slept almost the entire trip to Hawaii. He only woke up when he needed changed or was hungry. Other than that, he was pretty much asleep the whole trip. My husband and I were able to take one carry-on each, plus the diaper bag and my purse. We also took our stroller and a convertible car seat- we gate-checked both of them, but if you take a car seat as well, check it with your bags b/c that is just one extra thing to worry about. And they damaged our stroller. All scratched up, it was also a little wobbly when we got it back. So if you take a stroller, you may not want to take your more expensive stroller. Oh, and make sure there is a pacifier in your daughter's mouth during take-off. My son didn't have problems with his ears when we did that. Good luck and have a safe trip!!!

Kari - posted on 03/19/2010




just bring lots of formula or milk whatever she drinks, try to get a flight around or during her nap time. and just like everyone says, make sure she is sucking on something when u take off. the first time i flew with my daughter she was older, it was the day after her 1st bday and i was nervous but she did well, and we've flown so much since, she's a pro! lol. and take little toys that will occupy her. and at least once extra change of clothes. but no matter what time i fly my daughter almost always sleep on the plane. if your daughter does well in a car she'll probably do good on a plane.

Anna - posted on 03/19/2010




i flew from korea to the states and back with my daughter when she was about that age. you can take as many bottles as you need with you. i went ahead and even filled them with water, and i took an entire can of formula with me as well. I had about 20 diapers(sounds like a lot but you never know what could happen lol). an entire thing of wipes, pacifiers, tylenol, a few changes of clothes, even for yourself incase she gets sick all over you, a few baby washcloths, and some quiet toys. if you plan on taking your car seat and stroller becareful because they arent gentle with them and they could damage it. if your not taking it, get a snugli or baby carrier. it was a life saver for me when going through airport and all of that. You can take two carry on bags. so hwat i did was i put a majority of the things in a biggerbag then had a smaller one that i could just a put a few diapers and a bottle and so forth that way you dont have to worry about getting up and digging through a huge bag. also make sure to have a few snacks handy for yourself. it was a lifesaver for me. since i had to hold my daughter the entire time, i couldnt eat what they brought me bc she would be trying to play with it( she actually grabbed my cup of iceand threw it lol). oh and have something to help soothe incase she gets gasey. and when you are taking off and landing make sure she is eating or sucking on pacifier so that it doesnt hurt her ears. and get up and walk around as much as you want. okay, i think that covered just about everything. sorry for the novel i just wrote lol. good luck to you!

Tamara - posted on 03/19/2010




i would suggest that u get a night flight , but take lots of toys, food, and drinks for the child.

Dovile - posted on 03/19/2010




dont worry about that.take just toys for a doughter and thats it.its not easy but possibly.dont forget baby’s dummy and bottle:)))))

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