would u get the Amniocentesis? what if u where told it could be downsymdrome?

Brianna - posted on 05/09/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




so the found a soft marker on my babys heart which can be a sign of down syndrome. but usually the find lots of them on a baby with downs all over the body. i had a specialist take all the factors into accouple and gave me a number of i have a 1 in 650 chance baby will be born with downs. they said i could always have a amnio no know for sure but ihave to have it done asap.. but the risk of miscarriage cause by the amnio is 1 in 200. so its greater than the chance of downs plus doctor said i have the option of getting the amnio but she does think its worth the risk yet still my choice... my hubby and i decided that we wouldnt have the amnio done and cuz we think the odds that baby will be fine is in our favor.. but when my i told my mother my decision she said i should take the amnio and if it has downs i should abort.. (u have till 23 weeks and 6 days to legally abort for reason like this) I was very upset by her saying this.. honestly even if the amnio came out positive for downs i dont think i could EVER abort... now im stressed out and feeling like i dont have the support i need (im very close to my mom) What would you do if you where me??


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1 in 650 aren't bad odds really. The AVERAGE 20 year old, the odds are 1 in 1500. So yes, while it is double, I wouldn't say an amnio is worth it. Personally, I wouldn't risk the chance of miscarriage, especially if you wouldn't abort anyway.

And please don't take what your mum said personally. How a person would handle a positive result for DS is a very personal thing. Obviously your mum wouldn't handle it very well and it is only what SHE would do, not what she thinks you should do. I'm sure that no matter what, you would have her support for YOUR decision, it just isn't what she would decide.

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Don't do it. You answered your own question. You said you don't think you could abort even if your baby has Down Syndrome. Why would you put yourself through that when it just means you will worry even more the rest of your pregnancy? Besides, there is also a likely possibility that you could have the amnio, it could come back "positive" for Downs, and then you could give birth to a perfectly normal baby! That happened to my aunt and also to my friend's parents. The only prenatal test I took was the glucose screen. I didn't care to know anything because I knew I would never abort. My second son was born perfectly healthy two weeks ago. I know you said you're close to your mom, but this is a decision for you and your husband. And you've made your decision. Try explaining it to your mother and hopefully she will see it from your point of view. I'm sure she will support you either way; she's probably just worried about you.

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Hello my dear. I'm in in your shoes. I'm 25 and they found markers on the U/S. I was offered a level two U/S, and that came back the same. My chances are 1 in 47.
My mother was told I would have downs, they gave her all the tests and the amnio (she had bee trying for three years and was unaware of the risks involved, and very PO'd after she knew what could have happened). I do not have downs.
I would never get an amnio because I would not want to risk the pregnancy. I would love this child regardless. I would also carry the child to term even if I did not want them because I think terminating a pregnancy is wrong at any stage and there are many families that would happily adopt a downs child.
I really feel for you. Your chances are very slim, these markers are VERY common and are so often misdiagnosed, it's ridiculous. Know that nothing you can do or have done can change your child. When I was given my statistic I found a few great articles on what to expect if you have a downs child. The first year looks almost identical to a child without downs. There is often a speech delay. It was very difficult to find anything negative about children with downs. Most were about what parents thought and how wrong they were about downs. Very helpful for me, anyway. Good luck! :D

Serena - posted on 05/09/2012




If you dont feel that you would ever abort even if this baby would have DS then I wouldn't get it. It would put your body and the baby through stress just for you to know ahead of time.
I also wouldn't worry about your mom. She was probably just worrying about you haveing to take care of a special needs kid and all that.
I wouldn't risk it for something that you can find out later. I didn't go through any prenatal testing becaus I didn't care what was wrong with my baby, I would handle it when he/she was born.
Just enjoy your pregnancy and what will happen will happen reguardless dont stress out over it.

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