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Tessa - posted on 05/07/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello my name is Tessa and I'm 25 and just had my son Feb 10th. I found out I had breast cancer when I was 18 weeks pregnant and had no idea all the things they could do to fight it when you were pregnant, I found the lump myself got it checked out was told by so many it was just the pregnancy and I was to young for it to be cancer only my obgyn said well I think we should look more into it just to make sure. I found it at a early stage thank god and had surgery to remove the lump when I was about 20 weeks pregnant, and then started chemo shortly after while pregnant and my son is completely healthy happy baby I feel so blessed, he has helped me get through this time. I am still going through chemo will continue for another round and then stay on hercepton for another year or two and eventually start radiation treatment.


Crystal - posted on 02/17/2010




Hello Tessa. I just read your story and I can relate completely. In Jan. of 2008 I was diagnosed with stage 3a breast cancer. I had 2 different kinds in the breast, plus it had spread to my lymph nodes. I was almost 5 months preg. when diagnosed. I found the lump myself also about a month before I became preg. No one would listen to me. Not my gereral doc., not my ob/gyn. He wouldn't even look @ it my first pregnancy visit. By the time he did I was, like I said, almost 5 months. I had surgery to remove my left breast and lymph nodes. I went through chemo during the rest of my preg. they delivered JohnMark early and he did have few complications because of that. I finished my chemo, took radiation and then had my right breast removed while @ the same time having reconstruction. they did a tissue, muscle and skin graph from my whole abdominal area to reconstruct my breast. That was really difficult to recover from.

I had problems due to my raditation. It killed my thyroid gland rendering it non functional. I now take Thyroid meds. for that. I also take tamoxifen a chemo pill. I have finished almost 2 yrs. of it and have 3 more to go. I have a lot of side efects from that.

John Mark will be 2 in April and seems to be fine. He has more energy than our whole family put together. I have a 7yr. old son, a 10yr. old son and a 15yr. old daughter as well. they have helped me tremendously through all of this along with my wonderful husband. I wish you the best and am glad to hear from you.

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