my beautiful daughter

shellaneka williams

Shellaneka Williams in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

I have a 16 year old. She is honest enough to tell me that she has a boyfriend but...

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Mom you have raised a good girl. If she kept secrets or was failing in her...

Good friend
Good Friend

First you get a information that is that boy good are bad.because that boy is good...

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Feeling Sick


Alicia in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

Good morning! This morning I woke up with a runny nose and I have lots of pressure...

Jodi .
Jodi .

Yes. Whatever you are suffering right now will be developing antibodies, so your...


Thank You I'm actually feeling a lot better now I drank ginger Tea and I feel so...

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Ana cervantes

Ana Cervantes in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

I am currently breastfeeding my 6 month old baby boy but I am concerned that I am...


I had the same problem with my firstborn. I was scared, too. I asked a...

cristina ma
Cristina Ma

I just joined here only to answer to this question. Please, take good care of...

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Poor eater


Sonal in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

My baby is 2 years old & doesn't eat fruit. Please suggest how I can help her eat...


Have you tried blending the fruits, or dry or even frozen fruits. Maybe chopping...

Mary Brand
Mary Brand

.Sometimes fresh fruit can taste tart. At 2yrs old you can start introducing...

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Eating problem


Dr in Toddler Moms

My 18 month old baby girl is refusing to eat anything! Before this, she was eating...

Shadi Haag
Shadi Haag

kids can often not eat cause they are teething most kids stick everything in there...


Just try to give her enough water. Make sure she drinking good. As for the eating,...

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Young empty nester

Christine Smith

Christine Smith in Welcome to Circle of Moms!!

Well, I am about to turn 44 this week and my "baby" left about 2 months ago. I...

Maria Vincent
Maria Vincent

Try taking up a new hobby! Make new friends! Do something you have always wanted...

Christine Smith
Christine Smith

Oh I am! I started preparing for this like 6 years ago, when my oldest was in high...

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How do I stop my 21 month old son from throwing things?

Toddlers are quick to learn and constantly interacting with their world. How do you stop them when they pick up the bad habit of throwing things around?

Carlie Meehleder

Carlie Meehleder

REPETITION REPETITION REPETITION!! Literally. I nanny part-time (I LOVE...

olivia yeupell

Olivia Yeupell

my son dose the same thing. sometimes he even trys to hit with the toy. i have put...

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What can you do to keep your husband's love?

Women often wonder how to keep their relationship alive during and after pregnancy. What are some ways you keep your romantic relationship in tact while having or with children?



This is a must read testimony by everyone, I am here to let the people know about...

kennedy florence

Kennedy Florence

I am Mrs WILLIAMS HELEN i want to share a testimony of my life to every one. i was...

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How do you manage your OWN temper?

What are your best tips for keeping a handle on your own temper when your kids are acting up?

Dr Leonaura Rhodes

Dr Leonaura Rhodes

You should read 123 magic: it's a great way to manage your child's behavior and...



i try to talk my son into doing something fun reading a book, or coloring he loves...

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What if "Cry it Out" isn't best for your toddler?

Sometimes "Cry It Out" is just not the best method for every child, or for every mom! What are some of your best methods for getting a toddler to sleep as an alternate to CIO?



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Nick g

Nick G

Rocking baby to sleep can be a fantastic way to get her to sleep and creates an...

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