hand flapping and rocking?

Amanda - posted on 05/18/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Okay here's my question to moms...My 7 month old is rolling her arms...like when we roll our wrist to crack them...she is also a rocker loves to rock back and forth...She is however keeping up developmentally with her age...she smiles and laughs when talked to or thinks something is funny..Plays well with her older sister...and will babble to anyone who will talk back to her...she started sitting by herself at 6 months and as of a couple nights ago is now crawling...I know with autism and several different handicaps rocking and hand flapping is a major sign something is wrong...We really didn't notice this until after her 6 month check and it has become more of a consistent thing she does...I will be asking her pediatrician about this at her 9 month check~up..Until then has anyone have there baby do this? Did it go away over time? Or am I just being a worried mom and its a normal thing for babies..my five yr old ever did this...


Rachael - posted on 08/15/2010




when does she do the rocking/ flapping? In working with autistic children, I haven't seen the flapping start as young as 7 months. In autistic children the "flap" or repetitive n=motions occur when the child is unsettled. (overstimulated, tired, threatened) Chances are you have nothing to fear, many infants find something that entertains them and repeat it. As long as she continues to excel developmentally, I am sure everything is fine. If she starts to slide back I would get her to a specialist, and not wait, but it sounds like she is just fine! Good luck!

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