1st time...Teenage Mommys

I am a New19 yr old mommy to a beautiful 3 wk old baby boy...DeAndre Lashawn-born on Oct 9, 2009! Even though im not new to takin care of babies its sooo different when theyre ur own!!! I kno a lot of teenage moms balancin work, school, relationship issues, and theyre new bundle of joy!! So i figured since i have questions n just like to have someone to talk to sometimes that others would too!! so feel free to ask questions to others in our positions n even just get to know each other!!!



MY names Stephanie im 19 years old and have a 3month old son!...i'm a first time mom who found out i was expecting about 7 months after i graduated high school. It wasn't...


They're Supposed To Be Family?!?!

So my fiancé is having troubles finding a job, His uncle just started up a business and was going to hire him. He had to do training for the job, they had days set up to do the...


19 year old mum

hi every one i am a 19 year old mummy to 7 month old Ethan he was born on the 16th of Oct and i love being a mummy he's the little light of my life i am coupled i have a fiancee...


My mom

My mom doesn't seem to understand that me and my boyfriend are the parents of my baby and not her. She wants us to raise ours the same way i was raised and my baby isn't even...



Hey everyone..my name is Stephanie...i recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on October 9, 2009 who we named DeAndre Lashawn! i'm 19 years old n this is my first child i...