my 10yrs has ADHA and sometime act like a 5 yrs old ??

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my son was diagnosed at 5 , we know something was different with him at 3 , but i was not ready to admit there was something wrong , since then he have seen some good dr , and he now takes meds , he is on folican 20mil grams in the am and 10 mil grams in the after noon , and it works great , but my problem is that he sometime acts like his little brothers like saying "mommie" 'bedie" "bathey" and it drives me crazy , he also trys to do stuff that my 5yrs dose , how can i get him to act his own age ?? btw in 10yr he has always shared a room , but we just now got a 3 b-room house so he has his own room , does stuff his brothers cant and sometimes stays up late ... what else can i do ?


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My son is ten and also has adha and he canact younger then his age just always remind him tht he nt so little anymore and tell him he a big boy nw. with u sayin that u just moved in to bigger place and nw he gt his own room make his bedrm more growin up if ya havent all ready it seem to work with my son say things liek ya be goin to high school soon and ya cnt be sayin those sort of words in high school get invoiled with growin up stuff cookin etc. hope this helps a little

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I agree with making sure he knows what is tolerated and stuff. Mine can act very immature. I try to remind him that he is an example for his brothers and have him help with more adult things, such as cooking, helping with brother, etc. so he sees us treating him like the big boy he is.

Melanie - posted on 05/20/2011



5 This site seems helpful.....other than this, I think you should just make sure he knows what is expected and not tolerated. ie, if you act like your younger brother then you will go to bed like your younger brother. no fits, no baby talk, etc...Explain why things are the way they are help a lot, like, not talking like a baby helps little brother learn to talk more clearly....I don't have this w/ my kiddo's but my brother was diagnosed w/ ADHD and OD and just about anything else you could think of. I got to watch him be a pain in my mom's keister. Patience and finding the right reward system will work wonders.

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