Keeping your kids safe online... Anyone else worry about this??

Amanda - posted on 07/19/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I found a great website that I wanted to tell other moms about. It's got so much great info even for young kids, like kid safe search engines. The site was created by an author named Denise Pellow who wrote a book on dangerous trends with kids and technology/internet. You won't believe the stuff these kids are doing, even with their cell phones and video game consoles. Read it - you'll thank me! Tell me what you think! :-) I think this topic is just fascinating - and horrifying sometimes, too!



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Clare - posted on 09/25/2010




My children are always supervised online and only pc is in the lounge we are protected to the hilt with Norton. I couldn't agree more with staying on top of internet security and urge all parents to be the same.

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I'm not against using parenting software. Norton has a great one if you already subscribe but McGruff has a free software that catches any site they go on or you can get the Plus version which does everything even keystrokes, password grabbing and much more. When I can upgrade I'm going to it's a one time fee for $119. And I don't think thats invading their privacy either.

Amanda - posted on 09/20/2010




I do let my children on the internet but an adult is always present..They do have a facebook page but I do monitor that at all times. They have it so that they can stay in contact with family in other states and when my husband deploys. I have all the privacy settings set on their pages and people can't email them and I do all the adding of friends because I get the emails on my phone :) My children play and other learning websites as well

Erin - posted on 08/21/2010




Very interesting info....especially about the facebook part. As of now, mine are too young to be setting up accounts on FB, but here's my method for computer use....
I will never ever put a computer in either of their rooms. The computers of our house are out in plain site where I can always look over their shoulder at what they're doing. I do not care if they are 7 or 17. We have two computers, so there is always at least one available should they need to work on homework or something school related. My daughter is 7, we have bookmarks set up for her favorite sites on one of the computers. They are at the top of the bookmarks list so she can find them easily. All she's getting online for right now is to play games and stuff though. Should the time come where either one of my kids wants to set up any kind of social media account, I will be sitting right next to them helping set it up, plus helping decide what profile pictures they should use. I also have filter settings on the internet browser that keep unwanted inappropriate material from popping up during web searches and stuff.
I think internet use for kids is just something we all have to be very careful about. It's a shame how many kids I see getting free reign to do as they please online. It could get them into a lot of trouble one day.

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I let my kids play on
they don't need to be surfing the web unsupervised and our computers stay in the living room anyway.

thank you for the site though. I know a lot of parents that let their kids have access to the computer unsupervised.

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