Loves to take a shower, but hates washing his hair

Kelli - posted on 01/26/2009 ( 10 moms have responded )




Hello! My 4.5 year old loves to take showers, but he DOES NOT like to wash his hair because the water gets on his face. He has always enjoyed being in pools and when he was younger, never minded the bath much. But when it comes to having the running water over his face, he all but flips out and has at times cried hysterically. I try to prepare him beforehand and calm him when this happens, but he is beyond calming down at the moment and just wants to get out immediately and dry his face. I always help him and have him tilt his head back in order to reduce the amount of water in his face, but he still gets really scared, plugs his ears, holds his breath and closes his eyes, and whimpers. Any suggestions on trying to get him to understand its ok?


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Kammi - posted on 07/26/2009




I let my kids pick out the shampoo that they want to use. I have held there heads tipped back so that they can learn to wash there own hair. I have really not had that big of a problem but if they really fight I send dad to help and he seem to take more time to teach them.

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Debbie - posted on 07/09/2009




Oh I love the googles idea. My 5 year old son doesn't mind the water but my daughter has always hated it.I would also use a washcloth, but the problem is my daughter is now 11 and of course I don't bathe her anymore. She can't wash her own hair and hold a washcloth so she ends up missing the top of her hair, which means I have to wash it in the sink. Like I said my 5 year old doesn't have any problem with showers. I just think some kids don't like it. So I would say try the googles!

Kimberly - posted on 05/05/2009




A friend of mine had the same problem. She bought a foam visor and swimming goggles from the $1 Store for her son to wear during his showers and the problem was solved. It may be worth a try? Good luck :)

Joanna - posted on 03/15/2009




My 4 year old son has the same problem. Like a couple other moms I fold up a wash cloth and let him hold it over his eyes while I wash his hair. I tried one of those hat type things you can buy that are supposed to keep the water off their face but he didn't like that very much.

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My son does the same thing. So before we get to that part I give him a folded up rag (make kind of a blindfold out of it) and he holds it over his eyes while i wash his hair. I have also taken him with me to the store and let him poick out his own special tear free shampoo. Another thing I did to get him used to water being on his face is took the medicine 'syringes' they gave me from CVS and let him play with them in the tub.. we fill them up with water, and I'll squirt him in the head or chest. It gets his mind off the fact that water is coming twoards his face, but at the same time if it does, he sees it as play and welcome..

Hope this helps!


Cara - posted on 02/07/2009




My daughter was the same way so I started her by using a washcloth while I was her hair. She loves the comfort of it in her face then I can really wash her hair good without any worries. Funny, because she is in level 2 swimming...who knows!!!

Dionne - posted on 02/05/2009




My son hates it to. I just have to put the soap in and scrub fast. He usually lays down in the tub and I use a cup to get the soap out.

Michelle - posted on 01/30/2009




My son hates getting his hair washed. He goes nuts when the water hits his eyes. I have no clue how to make it better. He is not into pools either, he used to be but we went to a swimming class and I think they took it too fast and now he hates it.

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My son hates to wash his hair too. He said he doesn't like the water in his ears. When I was little, I had ear infections all the time, so I understand. Now I put very little soap in his hair and I wipe his head several times with a soggy wash cloth to get the soap out.

Stacey-Marie - posted on 01/28/2009




Maybe have his dad show him that its ok by doing it in front of him.

There used to be things to put on their heads to stop the water running down their face.

Or maybe wash his hair in the bath instead there are some products that are both shower gels and hair wash in one. That way he is leaning back in the bath and controlling how much water goes on him himself to an extent.

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