my 4yr old son wont sit down and eat

Sophie - posted on 01/15/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




hi moms and dads. my son is 4yrs old. hes at school in reception. i have troble at eal times he wont sit down and eat and when it comes to bed time he uses the excuse that hes hungry.

my son morgan also has adhd which is hard for him to sit down for a while anyway. any sujestions on meal times, thanx xx


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Shauna - posted on 01/18/2009





My daughter has been doing that. I also have personal experience with ADHD.

We have done all the "fun" stuff that is recommended, to no avail. Actually it encouraged her to not sit still, so she could play with us even.

What we have found to work with our daughter is: We turn the tv/stereo off... take the toys away... tell her to go to time-out* if she leaves the table... as a last resort it's to bed then for the night. A large breakfast come morning. (leave food at its proper time and place, not an excuse to stay up or get attention)

Engage him at the table, you need his help at meal time, let him help set the table, clean up. Even if its during meal time, he can get up get the ketchup for you, put it away, get it again, etc. Let him "cut" his food, aka, encourage independence. Give him good healthy distractions.

*time-out= like us adults do, alone time thinking about whats going on, no distractions, no toys, it is not a punishment, it is a calming down period, no set time limit.

Little attention as possible when there is unwanted behavior!

Consistency is key! (not just trying it once or twice)

Try, try, try until you find what works for your child. Every one of them is different ;)

If he doesnt want to eat, tell him ok, put your stuff away. Then leave it at that. Don't fight or fret about it. Enjoy your evening with him. Just make sure his snacks are healthy, think of them as parts of his meals.

Good Luck and Enjoy your son!

Jodi - posted on 01/18/2009




I would say make meal time fun. If you have to make it into a game of whover sits for 10 min gets a extra bed time story or play musical chairs. I know it seems crazy but everyone sit down and eat and then five minutes later have a timer go off and race back to your seat to see who can make it first, then eat for 5 minutes, and do it again. Children with ADHD need a little different way of doing things and just because you are not making him sit still for a half hour while he eats, which is probably really hard for him, that doesn't mean you are not spending quality time together.

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