2007 Twins

Here is a community for parents of Twins born in 2007, to see how the milestones are, ask for advice and just chat



Hello there, My name is Amanda and I am new to the community so I wanted to introduce myself. I have twin daughters Hailey and Kailey who were born on June 24, 2007

Started by Amanda on 03/07/2012 in 2007 Twins

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JK this fall-they suggested I separate them...

My boy/girl twins will be 4 this fall and we are putting them in JK 3 full days a week. When I went to the orientation they were pressing me to put them in separate classes. My...

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Started by Sherry on 04/18/2011 in 2007 Twins

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when to start trying again???

Hello, i know this is a common question lol. My girls are obviously almost 2. I feel like i have a pretty good handle on it. Not saying everything is perfect by anymeans. We...

Started by Serena on 10/27/2009 in 2007 Twins

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Separating Twins in daycare? Yes or No?

The daycare my twins attend want to separate them. They are 3 year old identical twin boys. The problem I have is that the facility only has one room for each age group. So they...

Started by Melissa on 01/16/2011 in 2007 Twins

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Please add your birth story here if you wish, ill start

Started by Claire on 01/28/2009 in 2007 Twins

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Anyone out there!

I have twin girls born in March 07. And would love to chat with moms that have twins the same age as my girls. Elin

Started by Elin on 01/04/2009 in 2007 Twins

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potty training...

Hi everyone! I'm a mother of twin boys. I'm not sure if any of you already have potty trained but I need some serious advice. I think they are ready.

Started by Sandy on 01/21/2010 in 2007 Twins

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Please stop whining!!!

My girls are 19 mths old and I stay at home with them. I'm about to lose my mind! From the time they get up until lunch, they do nothing but whine and cling to me. I can't...

Started by Darleen on 04/23/2009 in 2007 Twins

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Help - what do your two year olds EAT?????

Hi, I have 25 month old twins and they have just recently started being really fussy eaters - even from the baby mush days they ate pretty much what we did - lots of casseroles...

Started by Justine on 12/13/2009 in 2007 Twins

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Does It Ever Get Easier!!!

My twins are 1 yr 9 mo. I thought things would get easier the older they got.Two year old tantrums have started, all they do is fight over everything, pull hair, pinch, bite,...

Started by Baedra on 07/07/2009 in 2007 Twins

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Moving twins from cots to beds..

Hi, we're just about to move our twin girls from cots to beds - much earlier than we'd planned, as they've started taking their nappies off in their cots every morning resulting...

Started by Justine on 09/21/2009 in 2007 Twins

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Before i was a Mum

BEFORE I WAS A MUM (`*•.¸♥Before I was a Mum♥¸.•*´ ) I never tripped over toys, or forgot words to a lullaby. I didn't worry whether or not my plants were...

Started by Claire on 01/30/2009 in 2007 Twins

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my twins have different birthdays! do any of yours?

hi im new to the group my name is kelsie my twin girls were born nov 9 and nov 10! Alexis was born nov 9 at 10:39pm and weighed 5.12 and Bailee was born Nov 10 at 12:01am and...

Started by Kelsie on 04/22/2009 in 2007 Twins

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