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22Q11.2 deletion/ DiGeorge Syndrome/ VCFS

The group is a safe place for moms with DiGeorge Kids to talk, share information, help each other, and share our frustrations.


VCFS in Calgary

I have a 3 year old child with VCFS. Just wondering if there are any parent groups in Calgary, AB. Also wondering if anyone has found a good private speech therapist with...


New to DiGeorge/VCFS

Hi, My name is Melissa, I found out about 2 months ago that my 4 year old daughter has DiGeroge. Although deep down I knew there was something wrong, it is still all too...


22q at the Zoo

Hey all, have you heard about the 22q at the Zoo event that is happening at zoos around the country and in fact, the world? It's happening on Sunday May 22, 2011 from 11:00 -...



Has anyone been throught he process of applying for Supplemental Security Income? I was just wondering if they are qucik to approve your child knowing they have a chromosome...


Restless sleepers

My daughter is 3 and has never been able to sleep through the night. Sometimes she wakes up screaming, or is just restless the whole night. Does anyone else have this problem...