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Rebecca - posted on 05/13/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi Does anyone have any good recipe's for large families I have 5 children and soon to have another 3 added to the tribe. I hate finding good recipes that never make enough.

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Dawn - posted on 06/16/2009




Fajitas on the grill. We usually use 2 steaks, 3 chicken breasts all marinated in italian dressing, a package of spicy sausage, 1 large onion and 2 bell peppers. You can always double the onions and peppers. This is a great way to use steak, and not spend a fortune for everyone.

Slice the meat up and strips, and sausage in slices. Slice the onions and bell peppers. Start grilling the meat. We use the bottom part of the broiler pan on the grill to get the veggies going. Add the meat to the veggies and keep cooking. Add a can of pineapple-juice and all or just 1/2 c apple juice to the pan. Can of rotel to add spice. The tortillas can be heated on the grill. Add some shredded cheese and you are ready to serve. Can double recipe, or add whatever meat you want-shrimp works well.

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Take your favorites and double!

I cook for 10 every day. I have 3 more that drop in from time to time making a meal for 12 normal for me. Only one is not my child.

I fix anything. Salads, spaghetti, stews, roasts, enchiladas, tacos, taquitos, turkey, chili, oatmeal, frittatas, Thai, none of it is hard, just adapt it to fit your needs. I never worry about leftovers as the kids eat them for lunch. I fix one big meal a day and that is when their father is home. Otherwise I let them fix for themselves and their buddies.

Have a buddy system so that they are serving each other and helping you keep up. (sorry, that just slipped in!)

Little ones can fix too if you start teaching them. They can clean up too. Yours should be old enough to have started taking some of the work off of you. (okay...stop lecturing I know!)

Watch Alton Brown on the cooking channel. My kids love him and have learned to cook from him and me. I put them in the kitchen as soon as I can. They are even my cooks when I am out or wanting a break.

Learn to think larger for everything and it will come naturally to you as you get cooking.

I have few small serving dishes. People are surprised that I can serve 50 people without trying hard. It become easier the more you do it.

I have recipes I wrote down for the kids if you would like them. Lots and lots of them! I don't use them much anymore as I just have it in my head most of the time. Experience makes it easy.

Lynda - posted on 05/13/2009




My Mince Concoction.

Large pack of mince meat


tinned toms

baked beans

tom sauce

brown sauce


All i do is brown off the mince drain the fat add all other ingredients (add tom and brown sauce to taste) leave to simmer for half hour and serve with mash or jacket potatos. Its cheap and makes loads. I have 4 kids and we always have some left over so you may need to add more of the tinned stuff.

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