A Little Bit of Everything

talking to one another about your experience sharing advice letting people know how hard it really is to be a young mom and have to grow up so fast. Sharing tips for the babies food, beauty, relationship advice.I hope this is a way we all could make friends and learn new things from one another thank you for joining.



anything random any one wants to talk about?


¿give up?

do you ever get tired of being a stay at home mom and want to give it up?



hello how was every ones holidays? mine went crazy i was sick just about the whole time didnt get to enjoy it as much as i wanted to


in laws

how do you deal with in laws that have an opionion on everything?



has your confidence gone since you had kids if so what can or did you do to get it back?


hello and about me

hi every one my name is paulina and i got pregnant when i was 16 years old yes i was scared but only of what my mom would think and how she would react. Honestly i was quite...