A safe place for victims of abuse.

I want to create a safe place for people with abuse experiences, a place that respects privacy and confidentiality, ran by a lady who knows all about that having ran a few businesses of her own prior to becoming a disabled mam. I want to add a note of warning, that this content will include womens stories, things that have happened to them, and thats welcomed. I believe people should be able to be safe and share their experiences and make friends, and most of all be supported. Everyone should tread carefully here but know that you are safe, supported and protected here. There will be lots of important advice provided and links to help centres and information, if you know of any links message me and i will add them :) Lets make a safe place together? All my love Sarah x


How to get pass the past?

I was raped a few years ago, as a result I became pregnant with my now 2 year old daughter. I pressed charges at the time but was forced to leave the area and never found out...