A Step Mommy's Smiles & Frowns

**Open to all mothers (biological, almost step, & step) so that there's open conversation on both sides. (Good to hear advice & opinions from both)** But geared more so as a place where almost step & step mommies can come to share the joy, pain, laughs & struggles, and everything in between of being a step mother. A place where we can share, vent, praise, support, listen to and give advice about anything and everything from our step kids, their mothers, and yes even the wonderful men in our lives, their daddies. Go Step Mommies!


Family accepting the step kids

Hello! I'm not married but been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years he has a 2 and almost 4 year old and I have step in and basically help raise them and him and I decided that...


Am I wrong here?

I have five amazing children, and the youngest of the five is my step-son. We allow the five children to call us what we want. My younger three children call my husband daddy....


Baby Mama Drama!!!

I need some advice! I have three beautiful step children but have to deal with two different baby mama's. Both of the mom's have a problem with calling me Mama or mom. I...


clothes and rewearing them!

today i had the biggest stupid fight with my son over him wanting to wear the same outfit to school he wore yesterday. He also wore it sunday evening home from his moms house...


Hello I'm new to this Community

I'm sorta new to being a step mom, we havent seen Dillan (my step son) that much since he was born so i havent been able to get use to him. His mother is complete drama and i...



Hello everyone!! I am a step mom to 1 boy who is 10 and a bio mom to 3 boys. The BM in my situation is quite a piece of work. The stories and crap I could tell you is...