A Unique Mission

Circle of Moms is dedicated to making the lives of moms easier and more enjoyable. We help moms connect, both to one another and to their families, to capture and share their children’s stories and to tap a rich and authentic source of advice and support: other moms.

What We Offer

You know you’re in the right place when you post a question at 2 a.m. and another mom answers. Or when you add your toddler’s hilarious new words to her private online baby book and share them with her grandparents —just seconds after hearing them yourself. You’re at Circle of Moms, the online mothering resource that makes the most important job on earth just a little bit easier.

Circle of Moms gives you instant access to a world of moms and to the know-how, empathy, and humor that only they can provide. Find essential reads and unique perspectives on parenting at The RoundUp, meet moms going through the same stages in your birth month communities, or connect with the unlimited resources of a world of moms through Communities of special relevance to you. And all of those precious moments and memories you’re storing in your head, or maybe even in a box in the garage? Child Page helps you capture, save, and share milestones, funny stories, and photos.

A unique and indispensable resource for moms at every stage, Circle of Moms is also a tribute to the amazing days and years of motherhood.

How We Started

Circle of Moms was launched in October 2008 and quickly became a modern-day version of the world’s oldest social network, authenticating the mom-to-mom connection with a tie-in to members’ true online identities, courtesy of Facebook. It was a runaway success: over two million moms joined in its first six months, establishing and championing thousands of communities to exchange information, advice, and support.

With moms guiding the design of a steady stream of new features and enhancements, listening carefully to users has become deeply embedded in the company's culture and practices, and continues to fuel the growth of a vibrant community that’s now 6 million moms strong.

Circle of Moms raised $1.5 million in financing from leading investors Floodgate Fund and SoftTech VC. In February 2012, Circle of Moms became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sugar, Inc.


We love hearing from our moms and other interested parties. If you'd like to share anything with us, please email us at feedback@circleofmoms.com.

You can also contact us at our physical address:
Circle of Moms
111 Sutter Street, Suite 850
San Francisco, CA 94104


Ephraim Luft
Co-Founder, Executive Vice President and General Manager

Ephraim has extensive experience building emerging media businesses and technologies. Prior to co-founding Circle of Moms, Ephraim had leadership roles in product and business development at Massive Incorporated, an in-game advertising network acquired by Microsoft in 2006. Before that, Ephraim worked on the new video products marketing team at Comcast, and as a program manager at Microsoft TV. When he's not talking to moms about their online needs in coffee shops or to brands about their goals in reaching and engaging moms online, he likes to travel, read and spend time with friends. Ephraim has a BS in Computer Science from Stanford and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Fun Mom Fact: Though he and his mom Martha deny it, Ephraim is a mama's boy.

Mike Greenfield

Mike brings extensive experience in technology development and analytics to Circle of Moms. He spent his post-college years as a Senior Scientist at PayPal, where he developed much of PayPal's early fraud detection technology, which played a vital role in making PayPal profitable. Most recently, Mike led the Analytics team at LinkedIn, where he helped the service grow from a small site with a few hundred thousand users and no revenue to become both profitable and the clear leader in its space with ten million members. Mike also founded the quantitative sports site TeamRankings, which has a large following among sports stats geeks and has been featured everywhere from TechCrunch to Sports Illustrated. When he's not working on Circle of Moms, Mike enjoys running, cycling, hiking, and playing squash and soccer. Mike has a BS in Mathematical and Computational Science from Stanford University.

Fun Mom Fact: Mike hopes to be half the cook his mom is...one day.

Marketing & Editorial

Lisa Brand
Managing Editor

Lisa is a writer and creative director with more than fifteen years of experience creating compelling products and media for women and kids. She's led product and brand development teams at Oxygen Media, LeapFrog, and HarperCollins Children's Books, and has served as an editor at Daily Candy Kids and Apartment Therapy. A fourth-generation New Yorker, she now lives in a national park (San Francisco's Presidio) with her husband and two kids. She loves to travel and has lived in Japan and aboard a container ship, but for the time being is limiting her adventures to wherever Dora the Explorer takes her. She holds a BA in literature from Yale University and studied screenwriting at Columbia University's graduate School of the Arts.

Fun Mom Fact: Lisa’s mom loves to knit, crochet, and weld.

Julie Tallhamn
Director of Marketing

Julie brings 10 years of marketing experience to Circle of Moms. Most recently, she worked as Marketing Director in the digital publishing space running branding and communications for Vook.com. Prior to Vook she worked at the leading online video advertising company, TurnHere. Earlier in her career, she held various marketing and communications positions at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France Press and Radio France. Julie holds a Masters Degree in International Business Law from Université Toulouse Capitole, France. When not playing in her favorite San Francisco neighborhoods, Julie likes to go on wildlife adventures with her Swedish husband.

Fun Mom Fact: 5,811 miles = the number of miles that physically separate Julie and her mom, but not their hearts.

Barbara Rockwell
Marketing Manager / Editor

Barbara specializes in marketing and editorial at Circle of Moms. Prior to joining Circle of Moms full-time, she freelanced in editorial and marketing roles for nearly five years. Earlier in her career, Barbara worked as an economic research analyst at Analysis Group.

Fun Mom Fact: Barbara's mom raised six kids -- and lived to tell the tale!

Brittany Harmon
Marketing Assistant

From search engine optimization to blogger relations and social media marketing, Brittany helps run all marketing program at Circle of Moms. She holds a BS in Business Administration from San Jose State University. She loves to travel and has spent time in Cambodia, Thailand and Laos. In her free time she loves reading, relaxing with friends, and going for hikes in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Fun Mom Fact: Brittany hopes that one day she will be as good with children as her mom is.

Sascha Bush
Community & Marketing Manager

Armed with years of experience in marketing, client management and social media, Sascha brings to this role expertise in community building, content marketing and meaningful branded integration. Prior to joining Circle of Moms, Sascha specialized in integrated marketing and community management for DailyBuzz Moms, a division of Federated Media Publishing. She holds a BBA in Design & Management from Parsons the New School for Design - making her the unofficial authority on all "Make It Work" Tim Gunn worthy moments around the Circle of Moms offices.

Fun Mom Fact: My mom’s wisdom and advice is so good, she’s become the “communal mom” amongst my friends- they still call her from all over the country to this day!

Shari Wargo Stamps
Associate Editor

Shari is a Bay Area native with over seven years of writing and editing experience who also tries to be a "Jack of most trades." She's taught through Ohlone College for seven years, and also worked with the George Lucas Educational Foundation, Plum District and Ask Miss A. Shari's love of social media, video and everything to do with moms and families combined with several years in sales/marketing and photography allows her to help whenever needed at the Circle of Moms office. Shari enjoys visiting the Palace of Fine Arts and going to mom and baby events with her daughter.

Fun Mom Fact: Her mom has hazel eyes, but insists they're brown … and is one of the most supportive and caring people she knows.

Sales & Advertising

Christopher Acosta
Senior Custom Solutions Marketing Specialist

Christopher is the alpha and omega of ad operations; productizing new ad products, executing on campaigns and billing 'em for our time. Christopher received his BS in Marketing from the University of San Francisco. He's worked in the Sales and Marketing Solutions departments in many start-ups, such as Blue Lithium and Atom Entertainment and in Fortune 500 companies like MTV Networks.

Fun Mom Fact: His mom is his best friend. And unlike when he was 13, he doesn't think he's going to get beaten up for saying that.


Brian Leung
Vice President of Engineering

Brian is an engineer, architect, and code janitor at Circle of Moms. In his spare time, he runs a kids comics website and a hedge fund tracking website. Prior to Circle of Moms, he architected the data mining pipeline at Spock, a people search engine startup (acquired by Intellius). Brian started his career at Microsoft writing software to personalize the TabletPC handwriting recognizers. When not coding, he spends time with his wife, Julia and their two beautiful daughters. Brian double-majored in EECS and Mathematics at MIT and has extensive experience in applied machine learning, pattern recognition, and information retrieval.

Fun Mom Fact: Brian is the first dad at Circle of Moms.

Hoi Ying Tsang
Senior Software Engineer

Before joining Circle of Moms, Hoi Ying received her M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the University of Victoria in Canada. She also received a B.Eng in software engineering from McGill University. She aspires to become a coding guru. She has gone skydiving and is looking forward to trying sea diving some day soon. She dreams of traveling the world to snowboard its different mountain ranges.

Fun Mom Fact: Hoi Ying wants her future children to see their mom as their best buddy!

Emma Medjuck
Analytics Engineer

Prior to joining Circle of Moms, Emma completed her M.Sc degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University. She also received a B.Comm in mathematics and entrepreneurship from McGill University. In her free time she enjoys growing herbs and vegetables on her fire escape and doing the New York Times crossword puzzle with a cup of coffee.

Fun Mom Fact: Emma's mom is the lead guitarist in a rock band made up of all moms!

Chris Hawley
Software Engineer

Chris is the newest addition to the Circle of Moms engineering team. Most recently, he worked at MerchantCircle (acquired by Reply! in 2011) on paid products, site-performance, and email infrastructure. When he isn't rewriting controller code to leverage Redis, Memcache, or another NoSQL options, Chris is most likely be found on the tennis courts, spending time with his beautiful wife Lexi, or brewing up a fresh batch of homemade beer. Chris has a BS in Computer Science from Trinity College.

Fun Mom Fact: Chris' mom, Janet, played "mom" to the entire Circle of Moms team this past holiday season by bringing a batch of her delicious orange-chocolate shortbread cookies into the office.

YaChin You
User Interface Designer

YaChin graduated from the Univerity of Washington School of Art in Seattle with a focus in printmaking. A designer, illustrator, crafter, and pixel pusher, YaChin is passionate about making beautiful and meaningful visual art that is accessible to millions of people on a variety of devices. Her dream is to one day own a castle where people can stay for free, make art and have fun!

Fun Mom Fact: YaChin believes her mom is a fantastic leader. She knew how to keep YaChin in line simply by giving her "the look."