Accept Yourself

Women need to accept themselves and be happy with who they are now. Ignore the media influences and be proud of what you have done as a woman. Size does not matter. This site is for those who need support, encouragement, reassurance and for those who are willing to give it. Come on, we all deserve to be happy and appreciate ourselves!



Hi! I just wanted to welcome everyone to this community. I am so thrilled that there are others out there that feel the same way that I do :D There is a radio station where I...

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Please introduce yourselves. I\'d like to know a little more about you- like how many kids you have, where you are from, etc, and why you joined this community. Please don\'t be...

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So, how do you handle the stress of the holidays and the "guilt" thrown out about "don't eat too much, don't eat sugar, don't eat food you like, etc" and all of the articles...

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Please introduce yourself to our community. We are currently small (obviously) but I am hoping that as time goes by we will be able to grow and encourage each other and others....

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