Dosage for Intuniv & using alone or combined with stimulant?

Kristen - posted on 05/08/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




UPPING DOSAGE? For those using Intuniv, my almost 9-yr old has been on 2mg of Intuniv at night since Oct. We saw great improvement for a few months but have been seeing more of the "pre-intuniv" behavior (argumentative, impulsive, outbursts). Have considered upping the dosage to 3mg but fearful of tireness effect.
ONLY INTUNIV? My son's been on 2mg of intuniv (non-stimulant) at night + stimulant (20mg Vyvanse) in day. I wonder if some of his argumentive behavior & temper are effects of Vyvanse and whether we could drop the Vyvanse but keep 2mg Intuniv (or higher). Any experience dropping stimulant? Maybe i wait until school's out before playing with the attention-specific med.


Amy - posted on 09/29/2012




Hi Kristen!

Well, my 7yr old son used to be on Intuniv 2mg at night (around 6pm), and Focalin 10mg in the am, (around 6:30) before school. He seemed to do very well on that combination for about 6 months, but the weight loss was terrible and he started to become more defiant and irritable!

So, we dropped the Focalin and just kept him on the Intuniv in the evenings. That really didn't help him with his inattention at all! Helped a little with the hyperactivity.

Now it's been a year and a half and we are still only on the Intuniv, but I switched it to mornings hoping it would help him more during the day...not. I am thinking about taking him off the Intuniv and just letting his little body be med free for a while and see how he is. He has been on medication for so long (a year and 7 months) , I don't even know my son anymore and I hate it. Is he really defiant and a liar with a bad temper that cries at the drop of a hat or is that the drugs?? I really want to find out! I feel like maybe his doctor, and me and my husband, will only know how to really help him if we really find out his personality NOW. Maybe he's changed in the past year and a half and we need to go a different route with his meds, or maybe he can get by with no meds and just with his behavioral therapy?

ADHD is a very hard diagnosis. I wouldn't wish it on anybody!

Good luck!



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Lisa - posted on 11/06/2013




I have removed my daughter from her medication in the summer. Without the stress of school she seemed to do better then being without the meds during school. Sometimes a break sounds like a good idea. But try to think about how they feel. It's frustrating not to have control over your own behavior or actions or even feel confused at times when everyone else knows what is going on. Remember that the medication is to help your child deal with everyday life. So maybe taking them off the Medication isn't such a great idea. Talk to your doctor and Hang in there you will find the right medication and dosage. Good Luck

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