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HAS ANY ONE TRY THEIR SON OR DAUGHTER adhd MEDICATION? I have, and it feels so so so bad is like you were floating,its like your head, and eyes are going around and around, and is like something stops you to talk,to think, to move because you are feeling so bad from inside, it knocks you down. I Felt so bad.
Last summer, I was going, to give my son 9 yrs old, his pill like every morning, when he said to me, "no, mom, no more I don't like it," PLEASE MOM," " LOVE ME THE WAY,"" I AM" I was in shock, for me it was a big lesson. He is not taking the medicine anymore, after 5 years taking it. But I had the curiosity to try the pill concerta 54mlg, and now I know what it feels. And it was low doses in relation to my weight and I still felt the horrible effects, I just can imagine how my son was feeling 90 pounds less than me.


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Kimberly - posted on 11/19/2010




i have 3 children and my 2 boys took it for a few yrs , it worked for them for awhile than we would have to up the dose , (they came to me to up it) at the time they were teenagers as well but it will make you feel that if you dont have add/adhd thats why some kids sale it but it makes you feel that way if you dont need it, i know from yrs of dealing with add/adhd that you have to play around with the meds and find the right one for your child and that when you do it will work for awhile and than you have to up it because he might gain weight or grow up just little for it not to work it like it was i think it is a good thing for some kids not all i hope this helps!

Amanda - posted on 11/09/2010




I haven't tried any of the medication my son was prescribed. He was on guafacene, and concerta as well. He had an allergic reaction to the concerta, and the guafacene made him extremley drowsy! I myself took my son off his medication and he is now a hyper little boy but at age 7 that's how I feel he is supposed to be! Some of the medication they put young children on is way to harsh for their little bodies and I am against my son feeling that different!

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