addicted to device

My teenage daughter is addicted to her phone! It's become worse over the past year – there’s the innumerable whatsapp groups, Instagram, snapchat, and god alone knowshow many other socialising forums. All I know is she is online from the moment she finishes school, with phone beeping non-stop late into the evenings. I am a pretty big fan of whatsapp groups myself and can understand that the urge to look at every post and go 'lol' or 'like' or 'awww' after each post is irresistible. But i find it distracts her from her studies. I hear the same complaint/concern from moms of most teens. Call me paranoid, but I can see all signs of an entire generation afflicted by attention-deficit syndrome, with twitchy fingers! A generation that connects better electronically than socially, whose conversation skills are lacking but who cares because they interact with wider audiences on the net. But my dilemma is that i am also one of those who believes it is too invasive to set strict phone usage times for a teenager, that could be counter-productive. Yet wherever I look, it's happening and it's being debated. Do you moms have any thoughts on curtailing phone use for teens? Even the schools seem to be turning a blind eye, and teachers post homework on Facebook pages.