This group is for all the mamma's out there with la little princess and you LOVE to put bows on them to match everything. I make bows for my Sammie so I am here to help out as much as I can. I have not been making them that long but I am doing good :-) If any others want to help out great!


HunnyBunny Designs

I really like the bows from this "bowtique". They are pretty affordable too! You can search them on FB. "HunnyBunny Designs" If you become a fan, make sure you let them know...


Ideas on how to sell bows....???

Hey ladies I have been making bows for my daughter and I did some for a softball team but now I really want to figure out how to start selling them...any ideas???


love these bows... flat rate shpping for $2.80, i think no matter how many u get.... there is alost a facebook fan page link on web page and they do give aways...


VERY Helpful website for making Bows

Just thought I'd share this website - I found it very helpful myself I learned ho wto make most of the bows I currently make for my Daughter from this site its full of...


Where Do You Get Your Ribbon?!?

Here are some of the site I buy my ribbon


Bows Bows Bows!

Hi everyone! I'm Melissa! Mommy of 2! I have a 3 year old Boy named Cayden and a 1 year old girl named Emma Leigh! After Emma was born i started an online boutique business! I...



Sorry I have been gone for a month! I can't seem to get on this site all that often!


Bow Groups

Here are some f the bow groups I am in