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Tanya - posted on 12/29/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 6 year old daughter still has a lot of separation anxiety. Dropping her off at school, she has to wave to me from the window or gate, she gets upset if I walk too fast from the car into the house; cries in the morning if I am downstairs and not right there for her. These are just a small sampling of the things she does. It varies in intensity. I fear that her abandonment leaves her terrified if she is not "in control" of the situation. Does anyone else have this issue with their child, either adopted or biological? I am going to take her to a counselor soon but would like some input from other moms.


Cindy - posted on 01/01/2010




Hi Tanya, cindy riley here...

Funny you should mention this - I was just talking with a friend about this. Natalie does some similar things, but before I go any further with her stuff, let me tell you that my friends' 6yr old daughter Margo (biological, by the way - Natalie's best friend), does some of them also! Natalie will get upset on evenings when I go out. If I go out for a girls' night, or whatever, usually I get a phone call with her crying and sometimes screaming that she misses me...she's sad...pretty inconsolable until I talk with her for a while. I have to be somewhat stern with her sometimes, or she just gets beyond dramatic! Last time I even resorted to promising her a treat if she'd stop crying and go to bed like a good girl! This happens pretty much every time I go out without her in the evening - I either get the call or get home to find out she was totally acting up. She also has to wave bye-bye and looks very sad when entering school...however, once she gets there she's fine. But, here's the thing - her friend Margo, who is a middle child and definitely the most dramatic of the three of them, does alot of the same things. I'm starting to wonder if this isn't a common 6yr old girl issue. At Natalie's 6th bday party a few weeks ago, there were two mom's who stayed for the whole party because their daughter's (biological) would not do parties alone! You know, our little ones definitely have control issues, but I see other biological kids with the same...Hope this helps...and my phone number is 919-448-7802. Say hi to Lew...Love, Cindy

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