BFF want's me to adopt her unborn lil one

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My Best Friend is pregnant. She is looking more tword adoption and wants me to adopt her lil one. She is due in 2 weeks and is anxious to decide once he is born. If she decides she wants me to have him can I just fill out and sign the birth certificate? Is that even legal? Or would we have to have her sign them and work through the courts and change me to adoptive mother?


Louise - posted on 03/21/2012




It is not that simple you need to take legal advice and think about this very seriously. Do you really want to take on a child from your friend. What happends if in years to come she wants him back? You are much better to take on a child that is not attached to you by a freindship so that you can raise the child your way and not feel awkward whenever she comes to visit.

Speak to a lawyer and get advice on this it is very important you know where you stand.


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Cassandra - posted on 12/01/2015




A friend of mine is pregnant and is due in 2 weeks and she is wanting me to adopt it. We don't have a lot of money to hire a attorney so is there any free legal attorneys that can help? I heard that you can both go to the court house and pay a little bit of money and sign some papers and be done.

Ashley - posted on 03/22/2012




No, that isn't legal. You can however hire a lawyer, and take care of most of the paperwork after the baby is born. (Depending on your state this might range from easy to extremely long and drawn out process). Seriously, as great and easy as it might sound, talk to a legal person before you take the baby home with you. It isn't about raising the child, it's legal issues. For instance, if social services found out she isn't keeping the baby and that you are "illegally" adopting the baby, they can get involved and take the child AND cause legal problems for your friend because she "abandoned" the child, which isn't legal. This of course isn't what is really happening, but doing things legally will make sure you don't have those sorts of problems! Best wishes!

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We are both taking this very seriously. She been around me the whole time I've raised my son. She agrees with the way I've brought him up and my morals and values on raising a child, so there would be no awkwardness. She wants to be the Aunt if she decides this is the step she wants to take and have me adopt the baby.

I also feel this is the only opportunity for me to adopt I can't have anymore children and this situation is where I can afford it financially. Most people who want to adopt and go forth with it have the huge lump of cash to pay for it all. Where I have enough to live comfy with my family and that's about it.

She's admitted that this pregnancy wasn't suppose to happen and that she's not a kid person at all what so ever. She also feels her life style isn't kosher for a child. The father is 100% out of the picture and pushes adoption when earlier he pushed abortion. Which we were both against. We are going to see an attorney soon to see what he/she has to say about it all and help us through this all.

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