Do you ever feel like crying and nothing is even wrong?


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Kelley - posted on 04/11/2009




When my daughter came home I would look at her and cry. I don't even know why I cried I just did. After a few days it stopped. It's normal.

Kolisha - posted on 04/11/2009




This all comes with being a parent!! As a parent of a high school senior, my child still does things that make me cry and then sometimes I just cry because I know that she is leaving the nest and I worry about the problems that she will have to face, I just leave her in the hands of the Lord and pray that he covers her from the top of her to the bottom of her feet and that no hurt harm or danger come upon her. I guess my worrying has just begun

April - posted on 04/10/2009




Yes, Ma'am and my baby is 7 months old. But I am a single mother and things get a little bit tough from time to time. And I just never want to fail my baby girl.

Michelle - posted on 04/09/2009




My goodness!  I remember coming home with my precious one and not knowing what to do.  With a lack of sleep and understanding there were many frustrating moments until we both got into a routine.  He's three now and I have learned you have to "go with the flow"  and relax.  Those things that were big become little.  As he has gotten older little things he does have become normal.  To be honest since he is my only child everything is new.  As new stages begin there are still moments when I want to cry.  That happens less and less.  Now I spend my time talking to my son when he has moments when he wants to cry.  I pretend to cry loudly with him and he laughs.  Sometimes you just have to laugh instead of cry.  It's never really that bad.  It always works out and gets better!  Be blessed!

Sarah - posted on 04/08/2009




I remember feeling that way after I brought my children home from the hospital and I was confronted with the round the clock feedings and crying. But, since they are older (1 and 4 years of age) I feeling more like screaming once in awhile. At this point in motherhood, I find myself disciplining my 4 year old son regarding the same negative behavior and it just drives me CraZy.

I'm often not sure if his defiant behavior is because he thinks I'm a weak authority figure or if he just wants his way. Yet, he displays the same behavior with his father, so I try not to take it personal. Nonetheless, I am determined to rid him of his unpleasant demeanor and bad deeds.

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