Im black nd I just happen to good hair but it bothers me that people think that since im black I cnt have good hair I have to have a weave or be mixed


Edie - posted on 05/05/2012




OMG.... The good hair vs bad hair issue. There are so many black women plagued by this issue and it can be so hurtful.

Monie, I'm not sure if you are the one to bring up the subject of hair in your conversations, but I would caution you not to. Don't get sucked into the other person's craziness. If they bring it up, just smile and say "thank you" and then change the subject. Don't get caught up with the other person's issues. Black people have enough to deal with without contending with each other in negative ways. I hope it works out for you.


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Ellie Richardson - posted on 05/10/2012




I have a sister in law that has the same issue. Both of her parents go for African american an the reason she gets the same questions of is she mixed or puertorican or etc is because majority of all african americans in the USA at one point and time were affected by the mixing of slave masters and the african slave women. I bet if we looked at everyones family tree all the dark skin people would all have at least one or two great great great great great white grandfather.Im of mixed race black and spanish an I know first hand what u feel because if u dont look like buckwheat ur not black enough to please black society. I know first hand that you can never win. My other sister in law is dark skinned and got made fun of because her hair was short and she was so dark. They called her blacky, tar baby, etc. My daughter gets made fun of cause she is light skinned and most of her class mates are dark. So in this world sometimes people can make u feel that ur not good enough.

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