African American Mothers Knowing and Growing

Knowledge is power!!!! Here we will apply the “Each one, reach one. Each one, teach one. Until all are taught." philosophy. From going back to school, dealing with pre-teens, adult braces(yes me), natural hair, starting your own business, writing poetry and considering having another child.


Health and wealth

When you feel good you tend to do good. So that means we need to keep our bodies in optimum shape, to keep up with our kids and our own day to day activities. Your body is a...



I was talking to a friend today and she told me that she was having a hard time find a job. Having no income crushes one emotionally because we can't provide as we should. We...



What this is all about... Anything and everything.... Birth control... Depo, the Pill, IUD.... Going back to school... Working Full time and taking care of home... Relationships...