Against 'The Breast Milk Baby' Doll.

'The Breast Milk Baby' is a doll designed specifically for young girls that promotes the education of breastfeeding. Berjuan Toys has created one of the most controversial dolls with a dramatic pitch, “The Breast Milk Baby will revolutionize our nation’s attitudes to good infant health, while letting little girls share in the wonder and magic of motherhood. Shouldn’t they be ready for a healthy future?” Although breastfeeding is a pure and natural moment between both Mother and child, and it is certain that some children do "mimic" their Mother's breastfeeding a younger sibling with a doll, is it necessary to force our own values onto our children at such an early age? Dolls are not typically created to enforce parent's values or to display and teach other natural and humane acts. Must we imply that breastfeeding can be done by even young girls and boys? This doll is excluding much needed information about breastfeeding, not every woman can breastfeed, by choice or not, there are many other circumstances that are not as effortless as putting on a floral bra. The Facebook page promoting 'The Breast Milk Baby' has done nothing but criticize formula, and bottlefed infants, and insult plastic bottles that accomodate some baby dolls, few supporters state that plastic bottles are teaching children the wrong idea, and allowing them to believe bottlefeeding is normal and breastfeeding is not. This is a community where we can express our opinions, views, conflicts, and concerns about 'The Breast Milk Baby' without being incriminated for the indifference. We are not a community against breastfeeding, we do encourage those who do and wish to breastfeed their children to do so as we understand the nutritional value and precious moment shared between both Mother and infant. Breastfeeding is valued by many women, and we do not discourage the joy of doing so or teaching children about breastfeeding at an appropriate age.