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Sally - posted on 08/17/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I doubt I will get much of a response as there does not seem to be much activity. But oh well, it never hurts to try.
Our kitty died a few months ago and my daughter(3 and 1/2) is still talking about it.
To everyone. One neighbor and one family member (a close, knows better type of family member) told my daughter "its ok, all animals go to heaven." Arrg. What am I supposed to do with that? We have explained what happened. She almost understands but then that. I brushed it off and so far nothing from daughter about heaven yet. But she continues to talk about the kitty and tell people so I know this will happen again. What do I say to her? Help.


Ashleigh - posted on 12/22/2010




you could just explain to her everyone has a different idea of where people go to die, like a story.:)


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Gazingupwards - posted on 04/30/2015




I tell my kids that people believe different things, and give them the source of the information. I don't want them to grow up and accuse me of keeping them blind of some kind of truth. I give my reasons for who I am, and all I want are open minded adults who can live in a way that is tolerant of others. My ex husband was/is supposedly Christian. They both seem to just know that the way I am is for moral reasons when they see the hate and violence caused by religious people, they don't want to be involved. Their own grandmother won't even see them unless they go to church. They use to, but they realized that her love was conditional. I don't have to stop them, or say anything. My son goes back and forth because he seems to want to believe for his father. I also see him struggle with trying to do what he thinks I approve of. I let them know that they will not disappoint me, and I'll always love them no matter what. It is wrong for other parents to try to be the teacher, but honestly the kids will speak. They can not be shielded from others ways. I am the parent, and am responsible for moral teaching as much as my ex, but this seems to be an odd circumstance. We were married 14 years.

Melissa - posted on 03/22/2013




I know this is an old thread, but I just want to say something about it. I am an Atheist. When something like this happens with our family and my son starts getting comments from others, he turns to me for the answer. I turn it back on him. I say, "what do you think happens?" When he tells me, I say that he has a good idea and that no one REALLY knows for sure. He knows I do not believe in God and he knows my reasons. I try to encourage him to come up with his own feelings and tell him that everyone will have an opinion that he needs to consider and then either adopt because it is inline with how he feels it or discard it based on what he thinks. Right now he is into Greek Gods and I support him. Your beliefs are personal and they come from inside you. They don't come from your friends, your teacher, or your parents - and definitely not a church promoting their agenda.

Ali - posted on 09/06/2010




Nothing she is only a child these things should be put on her when she is older. I was a raised christain but changes as i got older you have to realise she will take her own faith for now just let her belive its like the tooth fairy and santa!

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