Air Force Spouses with Kids

This is a place to talk with other Air Force spouses that are dealing with deployments and kids. Encouraging each other, lifting each other up in hard times, and sharing stories of the creative ways of getting through the hard times. This will not be a place that brings others down, and will not tolerate negativity toward others in any form. This is about supporting each other in times of need or just a place to talk to other spouses and share ideas.


getting out of cross training???

is there any way to get out of voluntary cross training?!!! particularly flight engineer. he is supposed to go for the training on jan 27th. he chose this job while he was in...



Hi All, I was just wondering if anyone is dealing with a deployment right now. If so, how long ago did your spouse leave? When are they due back? Any thing you are dealing...


active duty fathers

I am a soon to be airmans wife and I have had some trouble dealing with my fiance being gone for 5 months at a time.. I just dont know how to hang in there, and i dont want my...


Child activities.

I have two little girls and am trying to figure out more things to do with them during the afternoons. The parks get boring after visiting them every day during the week. We...


how does preschool work?

I have been thinking about putting my oldest son in preschool for the year before Kindergarten, but I don't know how it all works. Is it just like daycare, where I have to pay...



Hello ~ Welcome to Air Force Spouses with Kids. My name is Tiffany and my husband and I have two beautiful boys. We are currently stationed at RAF Mildenhall in England,...