I am looking for anyone else Running a Dayhome and having issues with neglectful parents?

Cindy - posted on 06/01/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am running a dayhome and my one child has parents whom are complete Morons.
I had to make them sign a contract because they destroyed my christmas by demanding I watch their child from boxing day until after new years.
I noticed very obvious ADD behaviours, and the child had extremely delayed development. I asked them outright to get a Developmental assessment so I could get him ready for school in septemeber.
They got a Physical assessment - sure it's nice to know what he weighs and how tall he is. But nothing else was done.
They constantly tell me they don't have long weekends off, which I know is Bull pucky.
They will leave their child in my care while they go shopping or take a nap at home. I have caught them on-line - gaming. Or they make the mistake of telling me the next day.
This Poor child has suffered so bad - 5 months ago he didn't know his last name, nor did he know how to count past 2. Shapes and colors were a complete mystery. He speaks worse then 2 year old, mumbles and talks in baby talk.

When the child got a concussion while chasing bubbles - the dad called it a "goose goose." WTF. I taught the child the proper word "concussion." And corrected the Dad.

I needed to vent this morning when the Dad told me their Child could not watch TV until Wednesday next week. Reason - he broke my son's toy and lied about it. When I left the punishment for telling a lie up to them, they totally went stupid. The child is 5. TV is not the center of his world. Where is the lesson learned? Oh look I get to play with more toys. He learned nothing. He broke another toy today while I was watching him - again he said it wasn't him. WTF. The only kids punished with this were my own kids.
Back to my point - I vented on my facebook page - I got a notice from the parents that this was not acceptable. I should not complain about their parenting on my facebook page. Whatever.

Anyone Else witnessing parents who should not be parents?


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Marianne - posted on 07/13/2013




I am not a dayhome, but utilize one that we are very unhappy with. I find it commendable that you have asked the parents to get their child assessed as you are concerned for his well being. In my situation, my child has been assessed and there are clear recommendations, supports in place and my child does have issues that affect his interactions with other children in that he gets easily overwhelmed and retreats from the other kids, preferring to be on his own for a while. The provider's daughter gets angry that my child doesn't play with her and the bites, pinches and hits him. The provider recently notified me of this situation by email as my child says he is tired a lot and does not engage, so we asked if we could have a face to face meeting to discuss my son's behaviours and she said no. We asked if we could do a daily communication book so we have an idea of his day to day interactions and she said she has "10 kids and doesn't have time". I would completely welcome a dayhome provider like you that is genuinely concerned for the children you care for.
It sounds like this child actually is in better care with you than the parents, which is really sad. I would suggest you keep monitoring the situation regarding injuries and such. Unfortunately a lot of this sounds like basic parenting skills, which can be taught, but not guaranteed. Again, I appreciate your concern for this child as it sounds like you have a passion for childcare and truly care for the children. Thank you, you have renewed my faith that there are providers that actually show a genuine support for the children in their care.

Jamie - posted on 06/28/2012




I actually gave up being a day home provider for that very reason. 4 years n I couldn't do it any more. There are a lot of children who have it like this or worse.
I had one lady come for an interview with her child. Didn't even tell me her name n after asking to use the washroom she took off n left me with her 2 year old. When I called the Grammy she didn't want to come get her cuz she couldn't pay me???? Seriously!!! I didn't want money, I wanted to know something would be done about this. I've seen abuse n stupid parents. Even heard HORRIBLE story's from the kids which were confermed from adults after.
There is only so much we can do. There should be a support group or something for us or something.
Your not alone.

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