Albuquerque Moms: My Stories, My Life, My Changes, My Strife

This is a group for mothers in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho, New Mexico. The point of the group is to let things go, let them out, share and relay life lessons. The group is a sort of therapy. The owner is going into clinical counseling and is hoping to share her own experiences as well as help others with theirs. If you have a rough story to tell or rough experience to relay, please do. If you have a child with a special need and need advice, please ask. Someone may be able to help. If you have suffered or are suffering through abuse and need help, please say so. There may be ways to help that can be offered through members of this group. Poetry is allowed as well as lyrics, unsent letters and art. **There is a no tolerance policy of prejudice in ANY form. If you become hateful or rude to another member or trash them due to their race, beliefs, sexual preference or any other personal notion, you will be removed from the community without hesitation.**