Albuquerque Stay At Home Moms

Anyone who stays at home, needs support, advice, or interested in playgroups.


Mom's Group/Playdates

Hello- My family and I recently moved into the area, and I am looking for a good Mom's group to get together with. I am a stay ay home Mom to 2 little boys (3 yrs and 21...


Now that the weather is WARM!

I think that since the weather is now getting warmer, (okay it's terribly windy today!) We should see if we can start some kind of activity thing. Like maybe since Spring in...



Reply back and introduce yourself. I am a mother of 2, Abigail is 4 and Allison is just a little over one. Abby goes to preschool every day, but I would love to get together...



I am new to the Albuquerque area. I live in RR and my son desperately needs friends. He is 4 years old and going crazy in our home. Please let me know if you have a group...


Looking for a playgroup

Hi. I have a 2 year old daughter and a 7 week old boy. I am looking for any playgroups in my area. I would like to meet moms and give my daughter a chance to make some new friends.


My kid need Socialized!

I am a 23 year old mom with three kids. A four year-old, an (almost) 3 year-old and a just barely one year old. Here's the problem, they do very well as a three pack, but are...



Does anyone know of a movie theter that's baby friendly? I've been wanting to go to the movies ever since Emma was born. And you are welcome to join me as well.