ALL Domestic Goddesses of Ohio

This Group is designed for Ohio women looking for a support group and online friends for all areas of your life! This group is for Christian & non Christian. Single or Married. Children or Childless. We all come together and be in support, ask questions, give guidance and advice, and find humor in some of life's most challenging moments. We welcome all! Under no circumstances will racist or derogatory comments be allowed toward an individuals ethnicity / heritage, religion / belief, or political views.


Excellent Wife?!

Is it possible to be an "Excellent Wife" ? Women today are torn in so many different directions. I know we are not to be conformed to this world according to the Bible, but...


Another Day bites the Dust!

10 hrs at the computer and i haven't been on FB all day! That's a record for me! Working @ designing Promotional Material for Premier! I have a new Promo that I am so excited...


Domestic Goddesses needed!

What are you grateful for or struggling with? Need advice or an atta girl? I am hoping to build a group of women to build friendships close to or in the area of Ohio. People you...